Profile of a Successful Graphic Designer

The profile of a graphic designer is as versatile and diverse as their job description. With new emerging technologies and the flexibility of the job market there is no specific way to describe a graphic designer. Graphic designers can work to be Art Directors in media and advertising firms or go on to work as Visual Editors in Hollywood. Some are happy designing packages for publishing companies. Whatever the chosen role, they all share one thing in common-the ability to visualize a concept or idea so dramatically that they can be called successful ‘graphic designers.’

Every year thousands of global citizens decide that they will grow up to become graphic designers. The fact is when they make this decision they may actually already be ‘grown-ups’!

The beauty of the graphic design career is that you can enter it before getting a degree in design or after. In fact you don’t even need a degree in design at all. Have an MBA and the ability and imagination to want to try your hand at creative designing? All you need is the technical skills.

The infographic below is a snapshot of what it means to be a graphic designers…does it seem excessively wordy? Does it seem confusing? Do you think it too diverse and versatile? Welcome to the world of graphic designing!
Profile Succesful Designer

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3 thoughts on “Profile of a Successful Graphic Designer

  1. nice articles graphic design to be adobe illustrator adobe photoshop indesign dreamweaver Need,Great articles

  2. Very good. The necessity for a ‘college degree’ for an Art Director / Creative Director is up for debate, though.

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