How to Promote Local Business with Instagram

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Instagram has finally released what brands have been waiting for – clickable advertising! If you haven’t taken advantage of this social media platform yet, your small business is missing out on a plethora of potential customers and losing the opportunity to engage your current customers in new ways with digital marketing.

Modern entrepreneurs that take advantage of Instagram meet that intersection where users are focusing their attention and sprinkle a little personality into their brand identity.

Instagram is visual storytelling

With the way the platform works (the technology) and the way most users approach the platform (the user experience), it allows brands to employ visual storytelling that has more depth and artistic value than other platforms. The digital age has transformed the way customers interact with brands through visuals such as infographics, web design, and even the company’s typography! Instagram is the perfect platform to show a more in-depth peak into what your business is all about.

Now that Instagram has included advertising in their platform, it’s no longer used for the sole purpose of brand awareness.

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Small businesses in New Jersey have no excuse to not get involved on the platform, especially if their company targets the Millennial age group! The Tri-State area is ripe for savvy small businesses looking to reach a wide audience at low-cost.

A few images that encapsulate a brand moment in a second or two is more engaging than a few lines or a status update. If you’re looking to reach new customers, social media is the way to do it.

However, it’s intimidating to market to a new community without knowing much about the culture and how the platform works. We’ve put together our top tips on getting started on Instagram for businesses new to Instagram including information about how the new clickable ads work.

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