[Quiz] Test Your Wits Logo Designers! Can You Win The Game Of Thrones?

You heard it. In this year’s Emmys, Game of Thrones breaks the record. It grabbed 2016’s best writing, drama, and directing awards leaving newcomers like The Americans and Mr. Robot behind. That’s the hustle bustle – this epic battle on screen won the game in the real world – it garnered over 35 awards since 2011. 

Think Design has recreated GoT characters into custom logo designs that best describe them. We’ve assigned a business niche for each one of them, you’ll fancy. You’ll find the logos in the quiz below.

Which illustration did you find the best?

But this isn’t all!

I’ve seen many logo designers chant their love for this thrilling and no mercy drama. So here’s the ‘father of all challenges” you’ve ever faced in your life. (No cheating)

Hint: the logo designs will help you assess the correct answer.

Your task is to pick the right dialogue for each of the ten dramatis personae. Sounds easy? A battle is never simple.


Since the game is in the air, why don’t you gather some courage and test your wits. You may be an avid fan of the Game of Thrones, but do you really know about the story and the characters. It’s time to be true to yourself.


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Let the game begin!

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