25 Real Estate Logo Design Inspirations

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Designing a logo can be one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are responsible for creating a brand. A logo design can be beautiful and creative, or it can be clever and professional. It helps a business stand out in the industry; this is why it needs to reflect the true meaning of the company it represents.

About a month ago, I shared post regarding secrets to creating real estate logos. This post educated logo designers about avoiding clichéd symbols and learning to think different. We like to believe that it helped our design community become skilled at creating a better real estate logo.

Consider today’s post an extension to our previous post as we are sharing twenty five creative real estate logo designs for inspiration. These were designed by our design community. I hope these help to inspire more designers in their logo design ventures.











Image Source: Real Estate Logo by LogoDesign.net












Blog Update: 17 April 2015

Real Estate start-ups are often baffled by the choice of professional identity design. Being a risky business start-up in itself, they cannot choose to risk their brand identity any further. They can still surprise their clients with a unique marketing strategy. Here is a simple guide for real estate start-ups to wow their clients.


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