Rebranding and Logo Redesigns

Rebranding is a phenomenal strategy to redesign everything from Logos to Stationary. However, what companies fail to understand here is the criterion of analyzing its need. The necessity of is crucial to every fundamental idea. Before implementation process, it is important to scrutinize whether or not your company needs to rebrand? This question can alter your brand strategy, which would consequently decide on the success or failure of your redesigning phase.

In the years 2013 to 2014 many B2B and B2C organizations opted for rebranding and we all know the ratio of failures, which is unfortunately more than the successful implementation. This info graphics presents an overview of popular brands that went for redesigning of their Brand Logos over the years. The punch line to observe here is the evolution of logo designs of popular brands. You can see the approved and unapproved designs and the actual designs that were implemented to win the losing.

Rebranding & Logo Redesigns

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