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5 Recommended Books for Newbie Graphic Designers

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All graphic designers have one thing in common – in order to gain insight on tackling a design project, they often resort to books. These books are guides and how-to manuals, guiding designers in their daily work. For many, these books are worth their weight in gold.

Today we’ll highlight the five most recommended books that all graphic designers can benefit from. For simplicity sake, we will mention books that cater to designers new to the graphic design field.

1. The Elements of Graphic Design

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Author: Alex White

Price: About $17

The author, Alex White, discusses the basics of graphic design in easy to understand English without too much technical jargon. Key concepts such as space, unity, typography and page architecture are covered in great detail. It also goes back in time and briefly highlights the history of graphic design. A must buy for new designers!


2. How To Be A Graphic Designers Without Losing Your Soul

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Author: Adrian Shaughnessy

Price: About $17

This book received critical acclaim ever since it made its debut. The catchy title of the book compliments the smooth writing style of the author, Adrian Shaughnessy. In the book, Shaughnessy covers topics that are typically ignored in graphic design schools, such as building a career as a graphic designer. While there aren’t any tips or suggestions, the philosophy of the graphic design business is discussed to help new designers understand the practical side of the design world.


3. The Art of Color

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Author: Johannes Itten

Price: $349

Although this book is slightly pricy for design students, it’s worth the money! Not many graphic design books cover the topic of color in detail; this book is devoted completely to color. Color theory is discussed in detail along with concepts like color effects, impression, mixing etc. What’s really exciting is the way the author, Johannes Itten, approaches the entire concept of coloring. Itten makes a very good point of how the mind and the eye are always working together to strike a balance when analyzing a sketch. Truly a valuable resource for the graphic designers!


4. Thinking with Type

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Author: Ellen Lupton

Price: $8

There are dozens of books available on typography, but none of them talk about typography in as much depth and detail as this gem from Ellen Lupton. Easily affordable, the book offers a practical approach to using typography. Lupton references many real-life examples from numerous graphic designers. I highly recommend this book for students and undergraduates.


5. Making and Breaking The Grid

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Author: Timothy Samara

Price: About $75

No one can deny the importance of grids and layouts. Many designers see it as the most crucial of all design elements. Others despise it and believe it makes all layouts look the same. This book will set the record straight about grids including what they are, how they work and how they can be best utilized in graphic designs. For $75, this book is a steal!

Though there are many more books on graphic design, these five have been handpicked by many new designers as their favorites. Designers should get hold of these books at their earliest convenience – trust me, its money worth spent!

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