Color Inspirations: Red Web Designs

To help designers understand the impact of color in web design, we will now be showcasing various website design collections regularly. This will give you an insight on the emotions that colors trigger and the impact they have on brands and potential customers.

Colors are powerful as they can trigger a variety of emotions and attract different senses. Web designers use colors not just to make their designs eye catching but also use color in web designs to invoke feelings in us which in turn will attract us towards a brand. Smart, no?

Our color inspiration for this week is Red.

Meaning and Usage of Red

Red color has the power of attraction. It’s strong and exciting and is associated with a variety of emotions. Love, passion, hunger, danger, strength and life are all defined by the bold red color. There are a variety of businesses that use red in their logo and web design. When using red though, web designers need to make sure that it complements the overall theme of the site. Even a small amount of red color can emphasize details and make a design stand out.

Red is a popular color and can be used in a variety of shades. Dark shades of red are used to give a sober touch to the design and are generally used by companies catering to food, health and corporate businesses while bright shades are mostly preferred by clothing, telecommunication, entertainment and design industry. Of course there are no limitations to using this color however designers should make sure that text on the website is readable when they are using red as a background color.

Today we are showcasing some great handpicked websites that use red as an essential color.























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While we tried to add as many as we could to our collection, I am sure we missed quite a few. You are welcome to share your favorite red web designs with us.

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