TED in Zombie mode

Reimagining TED Talks in Funky Fonts

TED Talks have unleashed some empowering ideas that will not only change, but also assist in shaping the future. It’s a nonprofit platform devoted to promoting ideas worth spreading. The brand image perfectly complements the format of TED talks. The Red color and the bold text is picturesque on its own. On top of that, TED talks speakers and presenters make the show irresistible with their light humor and unusual narrative.

What makes the series more interesting is the fact that the presenters have nicely crafted stories to present their ideas and their storytelling is contagious. For as long as 30 years, TED has been the voice of innovative and untold ideas from around the world. We are about to add a little twist by re imagining TED in different fonts. Now each of these fonts will relay a story. But before going into that, let’s first explore the nitty gritty of their original logo.

TED Original

TED Original

We will make TED appear in different fonts but the original one takes the shape and form of the infamous Helvetica which accounts for absolute clarity. The bright red color symbolizes vibrant ideas and just like the font, it is an indication of how those ideas stand out in the midst of conventional thoughts and philosophies.

TED Re-imagined

1. If TED Embarks on a Lego Adventure


2. TED in Tinsel Town


3. The Corporate Version of TED


4. TED in Zombie Mode


5. Inspired by DC Comics

Inspired by DC comics

6. The Immortal Legend


7. Back to School

Back to school

8. TED goes to New Orleans

TED goes to New Orleans

9. If TED was in Real Estate Business

If TED was in Real Estate business

10. On the Road

On the road

11. The Candy Man

The Candy man

12. The Fortune Teller

The fortune teller

13. From the Arctic

From the arctic

14. Tedzies for Kidsies

Tedzies for Kidsies

15. Babylonian Hanging Gardens

Babylonian hanging gardens

16. You are all Invited

You are all invited

17. TED in Agrabah

TED in Agrabah

18. Welcome at Nine Network

Welcomed at Nine Network

19. In Paint Strokes

In Paint strokes

20. The Japanese Version

The Japanese version

21. In Copacabana

In Copacabana

22. Cooking Ideas Worth Spreading

Cooking ideas worth spreading

23. TED Dairies

TED Dairies

24. The Picture Perfect

The Picture Perfect

25. The Mischief Maker

The Mischief Maker

26. From the Land of Sanskrit

From the land of Sanskrit

27. TED Classics

TED Classics

28. The Potion Maker

The Potion Maker

29. TED from European Descent

TED from European decent

30. Ideas Breeding Hub

Ideas breeding Hub

31. TED in Wonderland

TED in wonderland

32. In Metro City

In Metro City

33. From Print Age

From Print Age

34. From Industrial Age

From industrial age

35. From Digital Age

From Digital Age

36. The Florist from Italy

The Florist From Italy

37. Toy Story


38. TED the Reader in Moleskin


39. Production House

Production House

40. Digital Studio

Digital Studio

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