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Resources for Creative Dads on a Deadline

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Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. It is a recognition of fatherhood, and the influence of fathers in society. This year, 2015, Father’s Day falls on 21st June, and we thought we’d honor all the creative dads out there – fathers who struggle on a daily basis to balance their work life and the myriad deadlines they need to meet with their life at home as a parent.

Now you could be an entrepreneur, an employee, or you may freelance from home. You may be a designer, an artist, a writer, or a game developer, but if you’re a dad, you know you’re going to have a hard time meeting those work deadlines. This is particularly true if your spouse or partner work as well – and these days, who doesn’t? Long gone are the days when your wife would stay at home to devote all their time and attention to your kids, leaving you free to work all day long.

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A single breadwinner in the family is no longer viable, and the balance you need to strike between your lives at work and at home thus becomes even more crucial, and delicate. How can you complete a project when your partner is away, and your kids demand your attention near constantly? Fortunately for all fathers stuck in this dilemma, the internet offers a range of helpful resources which help make your life easier.

There are blogs full to bursting with tips and tricks, for your personal productivity, and for how to keep your children busy when you simply cannot afford to spend time with them. You can find activities for them, advice for yourself and your partner, and ensure you keep your boss, clients, colleagues, kids, and partner happy and satisfied.

The average person spends just over $115 on a Father’s Day gift for their old man. We, at Logo Design Guru, thought we would present all the fathers in the world with a gift too – a wealth of resources to help them meet their deadlines even as they fulfil all the demands of being the world’s greatest dad. Browse through the slideshare to receive your present for Father’s Day 2015

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