Restaurant Marketing Ideas 2020

Mouthwatering Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Draw In More Customers In 2020

Wondering, where are all those people who’ll take a bite of your dishes and fall in love? You don’t just need tasty recipes but mouthwatering restaurant marketing ideas to invite them to take the seat and order away.

We understand your concern, so here’s a list of tricks that work. Reach your market and give them an experience they’ll want to revisit.

Open Your Doors For A Feast

Ladies and gentlemen, your restaurant business can’t exist if it is not recognizable. First off, you need to create a specific goal. For example, by the next quarter, we should increase our customer engagement by 10 percent through social media advertising.

That’s the in thing these days, but while everyone is doing it you need to make sure your visuals are enticing and worth the click. Cheer up your messages with emoticons and/or emotions like a pinch of humor.

When creating these images, and since they will reach hundreds and thousands of people, brand all the visuals with let’s say your fast food restaurant logo and color palette.

Have a dedicated logo for your restaurant catered to the cuisine. Here are some examples of restaurant logo inspirations.

Italian Restaurant Logos
Image Source: Italian Restaurant Logos

Japanese Restaurant Logos
Image Source: Japanese Restaurant Logos

Indian Restaurant Logos
Image Source: Indian Restaurant Logos

Mexican Restaurant Logos
Image Source: Mexican Restaurant Logos

Don’t be too hasty. Take time considering these aspects that determine your logo’s usefulness:

  • What color represents your values? Study color psychology to start off.
  • Will words or will an image suffice? Just text is boring so do add visuals.
  • Is the logo easy to use on branding material? Consider design and size.

Make sure none of these visuals get mistaken for your competitors. Create a distinctive brand identity and marketing items like a restaurant menu card, poster design, and packaging.

Finger Lickin’ Videos

Images are not sufficient so make way for video marketing. You can do a number of things with a video marketing strategy in place. With video, there are a bunch of ideas for all types of restaurants from Indian and Thai to Mexican and Italian. To make videos more amazing, hire a professional so he/she can capitalize on cool video making and editing techniques.

Let us explore the kinds of videos:

  • Sneak peek of the kitchen
  • Do ASMR food videos
  • Display your best dishes
  • Share a quick recipe
  • Post a testimonial

Try video marketing tactics catered for a specific locality. For example, learn ways to humanize your brand for New Jersey residents. This helps to create a connection with the locals there and they value your restaurant food and services more than those who don’t personalize or customize their efforts.

Use your restaurant name in videos you share on social media. A good example of this is The Cheesecake Factory. They’ve topped their food with their restaurant’s wordmark logo.

Sizzling Hashtags

All set to post? Add the cherry on top of your social media posts with hashtags. While you decorate the social media wall with tongue tantalizing imagery, you need to use hashtags to get into conversations people like being in. Expand your audience with this neat trick.

Hashtags for your restaurant marketing:

  • #Foodography
  • #SundayBrunch
  • #TacoTuesday
  • #FoodPorn

This technique takes a little research, but it’s super easy and effective.

  • Browse Facebook and Instagram for local forums, clubs, foodie pages or events.
  • Scroll through the past week’s posts—stay current so using last month’s posts won’t work.
  • Look for hashtags that appear on various groups or events’ hashtags.
  • Create relevant posts relating to these groups or their posts and add these already popular hashtags.

Now your posts will be grouped with the popular posts. Use local hashtags to cover a particular geographic area for targeted marketing. Make your custom hashtag with the name or abbreviation of your name in the mix. Look how PF Chang’s has done it.

A great way to reach the local marketing of cuisine lovers is to boost your website with local search engine optimization. Don’t just stick to social networking platforms instead, open more avenues for your business with SEO.

Many people are searching for restaurants on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They type keywords like “restaurants near me” and to be on the SERPs with these queries do the following.

  • Improve your SEO by adding local area names
  • Appear on Google’s business listings
  • Start asking customers to rate your restaurant on sites like Yelp
  • Optimize your unique and local dishes photos with alt tags

bowl chili
Image Source: pexels/snapwire

Tasty Testimonials

Yeah, you’re good but you can’t keep telling this to people yourself so ask your customers to review your restaurant ambiance, food, and service online. Why is it not enough to write an impressive description of your restaurant or create a stylish website? Because potential customers will trust the word of those who’ve tried your restaurant more than you. That’s just the way it is.

You’ll see customers streaming in when you’ve impressed other customers so much that they’re ready to share positive views. True to human nature they’ll come because they don’t want to miss out on the good things.

  • Host a competition where a public Facebook or Instagram share equals an entry.
  • Share customers’ posts about your restaurant on the sspage—this carries more weight than the content.
  • Do an online poll to determine customers’ favorite dishes. Others will get curious and come to taste.

Take this technique one step further and ask local celebrities to become part of the marketing campaign. Their endorsement will be noticed by their followers, fans, and supporters.

person holding phone
Image Source: pexels/Helena Lopes

Got Their Attention? How to Keep Them Coming?

Now for your next challenge: How to keep them coming for more? This is where a loyalty program is an effective tool in maintaining business revenue and customer relationship.

You will need to make some sacrifices, such as low rates for loyalty members otherwise, it won’t seem enticing enough. The regular, repeat business will be worth it.

Final Touches

Outdated methods simply won’t work anymore. The modern consumer is overwhelmed with information so be unique and creative. With these tactics, devise an original marketing campaign with a special flavor that will ensure your restaurant business stands out from the crowd.

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