From Romance to ROI – Proven Marketing Gimmicks for Retailers

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Marketing gimmicks have magnetic properties that can affect a brand’s position if devised strategically. As a whole gimmicks designed to attract potential clients or customers comprise of a little bit of differentiation, positioning and creative advertising. If it’s so effective in reaching to the target audience, then why isn’t every other brand using it?

Well, planting a gimmick always comes with a risk. So most brands, or more likely retailers, only use it in a do-or-die situation. Established brands go for it to revive their existing clientele. For them customer retention is the whole ball game. They come up with creative ideas to get the best out of the second biggest holiday after Thanksgiving. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is not just a day anymore but a season that starts even before February and contributes immensely to the economy.

For most marketers, Valentine’s Day and the days prior to it are a crucial time for marketing. They are determined to uncover the winning strategy or a cheat sheet for Valentine’s Day that can bring results. This is an optimistic approach to improve ROI and retailers are expected to get the maximum return on investment by introducing marketing ploys just at the right time. However, everyone does not think this way.

While there is a segment of marketers targeting the pro-active consumers ready to swipe their credit cards, others will go against the stream and launch anti-valentine’s day campaigns. At the end of the day, both ways, the gimmicks will most likely improve their ROI.

This year around, the gimmicks from different brands have gone to a whole new level. This time you will find the social media oozing with Valentine’s Day special ads, features, deals and images. But last year was just as wacky especially when Ford came up with their Mustang speed dating prank.

Or the cupidrone launched by a local florist surprises everyone by moving around the city and dropping flowers. The video goes viral.

These are all smart ideas that create an emotional connection for the brand. The consumer is intrigued to learn about the brand. Check out the slide deck for a comprehensive overview on marketing gimmicks that did well last year. Surely these innovative ideas will help breed more. Let’s take a look.

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