Roadmap to Creativity

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Being creative is a must-have attribute for any graphic designer that strives to survive in this field. It won’t matter how exceptional they are with graphic design tools if they lack the ability to be creative. Mediocre designs just won’t do in today’s competitive market!

Fortunately, through hard work and dedication creativity can be strengthened. There are some very useful and successful ways for designers to bolster their creativity, improve their thought process and get better prepared for challenging design prospects. Let’s lay down the road map to creativity.

Start Off with some Brainstorming

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This is my personal favorite; it has brought me huge success over the years. I highly recommend it for all designers regardless of experience. Brainstorming is a way to gather ideas by racking your brain for ideas and imagining all different concepts. Writing down everything during your brainstorming session can help a lot when designing for a new project. Every detail, sketch, shape, — really whatever comes to mind, write it down. You now have a starting point and can eliminate the ideas you’re not too keen on.

Take a Break

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Every designer can get burnt out. It tends to happen when you’re so involved with a design and you may start to lose your creative edge. No need to worry though.There are ways to deal with a creative block. This is particularly true for freelancers that are involved with multiple projects at once. I have experienced it myself. One of the best ways to avoid burning out is to take a break. But, this doesn’t mean to abandon all projects. If you are in between projects, a good strategy is to take a break to allow yourself some time to get re-inspired.

Create a Piece of Art

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A different kind than usual, this time use an actual pencil and even a paint brush. Graphic design tools are definitely amazing, but sometimes going old school helps to dip into new creativity. Painting is a great way to relieve stress and to improve your artistic mindset.

Look at Other Designs for Inspiration

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After brainstorming, I find this to be the next thing that helps my creativity. There are a ton of designs on the Internet and I am always amazed at some of the ideas I come across. Some are so good that I make a mental note to use them for inspiration in the future.

Analyzing your client’s competitors is another way to get new perspective into a certain field quickly. But this NEVER means that a designer should copy or create derivatives from others’ work. Use the designs as inspiration and always be original.

Get Some Rest

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Sleep deprivation can impact your performance. Since graphic design projects take up a lot of brain power, sleep plays a pivotal role in a designer’s success and the ability to come up with unique designs. Eight hours of sleep is typically recommended.

As a child, most of us are creative. The idea is to remain as curious and creative throughout our lives. What makes a designer stand apart is their imagination and ability to see things some people cannot. Are there not ways to becoming creative? Yes, there are. These points will steer you in the right direction.

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