Saul Bass: The Man with the Golden Arm

Saul Bass: The Man with the Golden Arm

Saul Bass is known for his ingenuity and flamboyance in graphic designing, title designing, and film direction. We have all come across his work or the art that is inspired from his designs.

His enthusiasm for design was evident early in his life, with a seasoned sense of sophistication that the great metropolitan had to offer. Saul Bass studied modernism at New York’s Art Students League under the guidance of Howard Trafton. Later on, he went to study at Brooklyn College, where he studied under Gyorgy Kepes, a Hungarian graphic designer. Kepes introduced Bass to László Moholy-Nagy’s Bauhaus style and Russian constructivism. These techniques and styles influenced all of his major work with graphic and title designing.

It was Saul Bass’ radical concepts that made him famous and inspirational. Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Otto Preminger, and Robert Aldrich among other filmmakers received great acclaim for posters, title sequences, ending credits, and various shots designed and directed by Saul Bass.

Take a look at the life and opuses of one of the greatest designers of all time, Saul Bass.

Saul Bass: The Man with the Golden Arm

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