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Silhouette Logos – The Power of Shadows!

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Silhouette logos have the perfect combination of simplicity, power and creativity.  When I was contemplating the classic mysterious style of James Bond and his silhouette logo, I realized how many industries have the same type of logo.  A number of big names have silhouette based logos that are unique and super hit.

Why do Silhouette Logos make for a Strong Design?

Silhouette logos illustrate the shape of an object without much detail. They also work well as symbols in logo designing.  With the use of correct images, color and typography, logo designers can create powerful logos for their client. Research is a must and the designer needs to have a good understanding about the business and its target audience.  This must be done before they begin to create a professional silhouette logo design.

When creating a silhouette logo, make sure that it:

  • Is Simple
  • Is Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Has a Suitable Background Color
  • Has a Theme according to the industry that it’s representing
  • Represents the Company’s identity

Keeping these principles in mind will allow designers to understand how a silhouette can represent the individuality of a business.

Silhouette Logo Design Collection

Here’s a collection of some of the best silhouette logos of well known brands. The power of shadows can be seen in its full glory here:

1. James Bond Logo

Silhouette Logo, Silhouette Logo Design

James Bond Logo is one of the most elegant silhouette logos. Representing the mysterious yet mysterious spy, the logo serves its purpose in regards to highlighting the mysterious aura of James Bond.

2. NBA Logo

Silhouette Logo, NBA Logo Design

The silhouette figure in NBA logo is that of Jerry West, aka Mr. Clutch, a well known basketball player. He’s a legendary player and is known for breaking his nose nine times during one game. The NBA logo was designed to represent the spirit of Jerry West for the leauge.

3. Major League Logo

Silhouette Logo, Major League Logo Design

The Major league logo was developed in 1968 by Mr. Jerry Dior. Inspired from the red and white theme of Coca-Cola, the logo was designed to have a white silhouette on a red and blue background. It also represents the colors of the American flag.

4. Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo, Silhouette Logo Design

The famous social media network had to go through a number of birds to find the right one. This is the one official version of the Twitter bird (there are many out there).  It represents short tweets, conveys simplicity in communication.

5. Dove Logo

Dove Logo, Silhouette Logo Design

The Dove logo represents gentle, soft and feminine sophistication. The company used the silhouette of a dove to convey the idea of the purity found in their products.

Schwarzkopf Logo, Silhouette Logo Design

Schwarzkopf was formed 111 years ago by chemist Hans Schwarzkopf in Berlin. The company’s silhouette logo has evolved a number of times throughout the years.

7. Girl Scouts Logo

Girl Scout Logo, Silhouette Logo Design

Girl Scouts is one of the largest organizations in America that gathers girls, of all backgrounds, to participate in community service. The logo was designed in 1978 by Saul Bass and it consists of silhouette of faces of three women.  These women represent courage, purity, strength and innocence.

8. TVS Logo

Silhouette Logo Design

TVS is world a recognized motor company with a logo that represents the company’s philosophy. The silhouette of a horse was used in the logo to show speed and superior performance.

9. Airleanos Argentinas Logo 

Silhouette Logo Design

The Airlines of Argentina has a unique logo that showcases the company’s dedication in providing customers with swift air transportation. The logo has a strong and dynamic silhouette of a condor bird, which is native to the region. This silhouette logo can easily be taken as a combo of bird and airplane; it represents the company’s purpose well.

10. Creative Media Kings

Silhouette Logo Design

A graphic design and marketing studio well known in the media industry, Creative Media Kings, has a much detailed silhouette logo than the rest of the designs in our collection today. The logo clearly represents the company’s personality, giving it a strong look.

I hope today’s collection has inspired you to create some unique silhouette logos yourself. Sometimes, creating shadows of objects is a much more powerful metaphor than using the complete object itself; provided you know how to adjust it in the backdrop and utilize the right colors.

Try creating some unique silhouette logos yourself and share them with us!

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