How to Optimize Your Small Business for Local Search

The measure of your small business’ success is when money starts to trickle in, right?


But isn’t the bottom-line of any business is to generate income, you ask. It is! However, if your business objective is to earn a few thousand bucks a month, then you have a very limited vision for it. On the other hand, if you are thinking of making it big like Pinterest, Google, and AirBnB, then read on.

Today, online businesses, large and small, succeed when they are able to cater to consumers’ demand for micro-moment solutions. This demand is so great that if your business is not there then you are losing out to the competition. Just check out the stats.


The question is, are you there yet?

The best part about this competition is, it’s equal for all – meaning, regardless of your company size you can have a part of the market share if you position business smartly, and cater to consumers’ demands right at the moment they need it the most. In the online world, this is made possible by search engine marketing (SEM) and ensuring your business website is search engine optimized (SEO). If you don’t already have one, then it’s time to get a website so you can convert visitors into customers.

The idea is simple really; the more visible your business is to your customers via search engines like Google, Yahoo, and AOL etc. the more possibility for driving them to your business website and pitch your product or services to them. The science behind this is a bit complex though but achievable.

Search engines like Google in the past few years have been notorious for being fickle in the sense that every few months they would release an update with new algorithms to better serve online users. To keep up with search engines, online websites have to be constantly optimized for both desktops as well as mobile devices, so that they stay visible to their potential customers.

Among these optimizations, perhaps the most relevant to small businesses, is local search. Optimizing for local search works more in favor of small local enterprises because it allows your business to be visible to your customers if they need a product or service within their vicinity. It’s literally your window opportunity to compete with giants, and offer your customers the micro-moment solution that they really need.

How does this work, and more importantly, how can you optimize your business for local search? Listen to today’s episode of ThinkDesign podcast and find out.

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