[Infographics] Small Business Love: Let Your Customers Do The Magic!

Sometimes, companies advertise their products and services so much that in their perceived goodwill they actually sound tacky!

Wishing customers a “Happy Valentine’s Day” in the traditional marketing style is a superfluous technique that won’t bring you any sales. Forget the greeting and use these valuable promotional ideas to connect with your market in a unique way.

Choose the one that works for your business!

Trick # 1: Personalize your brand to the customers’ love life

This is the time of the year when you can get people emotionally connected to your brand. Make them share their love stories and segment the best ones your product in clever packaging.

Trick # 2: Advertise brand slogans people can hum to

Well! People love humming catchy one-liners, and this way they become your brand ambassadors for the holiday promotions.

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Trick # 3: Jumpstart social controversies in your messages

Don’t tell them the story, instead raise controversial questions. People need something to talk about; nothing better than highlighting a powerful practice in your promotions. Word of mouth will get you the awaited presence in the market.

Trick # 4: Show the love to customers via social media

This is the time to actively engage users via social media. You can use social media platforms to express your love and appreciation for customers and mutually employ them in spreading the words about your brand.

Trick # 5: Avoid being cheesy! Twig to the essence of your brand

If this day of love doesn’t go with your brand, you don’t need to relate it unnecessarily. Avoid a cheesy message; instead you can partner with relevant businesses and promote it.

Trick # 6: Make your client feel special with a rose

A valentine’s gift is not a commodity, but can create a warmth that you exchange with your loved ones. Make your customers feel special by welcoming them with a rose or chocolates. It doesn’t cost much and will make your business memorable.

Trick # 7: Sweeten their week by offering a discount delight!

Markdown offers work during holidays and special days such as Valentine’s. You can celebrate the day with your potential customers by offering discount on your products.

small business love

Take Away:

The key is to engage, entertain, and inspire your customers with warmth. Tell them through your brand messages that they are the valuable and your company respects their loyalty.

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