3 Tips to Leverage Sports Photography for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Researchers have found that visual content is more easily processed than textual content (actually visual content is processed 60,000 times faster)!

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What does this mean for the future of digital marketing? It means that videos, photographs, and visual content will increase page conversion by as much as 86% and also allow the 65% of visual learners in the audience to be directly targeted.

With the Super Bowl 2015 on the horizon every company should be focusing on a digital marketing strategy that targets sports-oriented visuals. Regardless of your business or service, it is easy to slant a strategy to harness the football and/or sports audience. The key is in leveraging the visuals.

Tip 1: Find out Your Audience Demographics then ‘Pin’ it.

Analytics are the basis of any business strategy and knowing your audience demographics is the first step towards success. Most businesses have a unique blend of genders, races and age groups that can help marketers build a digital/online marketing strategy that will increase the ROI.

In terms of using sports as the basis of promotion, consider a business that focuses more on women. How many women are football fans? The average Joe may answer ‘very few’. However, the hard cold fact is that women make up almost half of the fan base for football. They may not be able to quote historical football facts, but they love the game.

So how do you use sports photography to target the different genders? If my business had more men users I may go ahead and pin my favorite cheerleading pose. Yes, it works.

They Love the Game

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On the other hand if women made the base audience of my business, a more emotional image could be shared as can be seen below where Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne is moved to tears by Chris Botti’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

Reggie Wayne

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If you still think most businesses would have a hard time targeting men and women together see how one international brand, CoverGirl did it right.

Cover Girl

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2. Use Unique Sports Photographs in Blogs and Tweets

There are so many sports photographs that can be found online that most businesses think they do not need to create their own unique image. However, what happens when two businesses use the same photograph?

The vital aspect to creating a unique digital strategy is using unique photographs. Most businesses in the US can take their own photographs without the need to hire a professional photographer (so no extra budgeting needed)! See photography tips to create a perfect shot, and then use them for your digital marketing.

Take a photograph of your office team playing fantasy football, maybe include a logo in pre-existing images and post the new customized image on your blog. Tweet photographs of your office Fantasy Football progress. It is easy to create your own unique image. We did it!

Fantasy Football Progress

3. Target Visuals to Mobiles

Most people in the U.S. will soon be tuned into the TV or watching the football games at the stadium. What are the chances that they won’t be using their cell phones aka mobiles during that time? Basically zilch.

Target Visuals to Mobiles

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By referring and distributing unique content in pictorial or video form to your audience, you can optimize your brand campaign. You can engage your users, increase traffic or simply create brand awareness.

How can a small business do this?

Most sensible (successful) business owners should have a digital strategy already in place which suggests that they will have a database of their customer information. Use e-mail addresses to send your customers messages that highlight your services or products relevant to sports.

For example if you want to increase sales use your favorite team win to send a coupon that offers a discount using the last touchdown image as the USP. If you want to increase brand awareness, then upload a video of the best touchdowns of the game and integrate your logo within the video and upload to YouTube sending your customers a link.

Image and visual marketing will be beneficial to your marketing campaigns regardless of the perspective you choose to take.

Touchdown Fact:

Many business owners will ask why try to leverage sports photography at all?

A real estate agent, a landscaper, a digital marketing agency or an accountant has absolutely no relative association with sports so why even bother with that audience in terms of marketing?

Fans are no longer only watching scores on television; they are staying up-to-date via social media, Twitter, Facebook, sports apps and more.

Also, according to Julie Frank of Navigation Research, most sports fans have a 78% increase in positive perception of a brand when they see it being advertised on social media.

I am a digital marketing consultant with a focus on small and mid-sized enterprises. I believe the focus of every business should be on creating a consistent brand identity online and offline.

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