3 Sports Teams make their Marketing Minimalist

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Sports fans have become more sophisticated and have grown out of the ‘traditional mode’ to enter the 21st century. Sports teams are slow to follow but they will eventually catch up as can be seen by the redesign of various sports logos in 2014 to become more minimalist.

The trend in the market is to make statements that are simple yet intricate. The extravagance is shown through elegance and most industries have adapted this style of presentation. Follow the fashion industry and you will see that the focus is the person while clothes become ‘basic’ in their outlook. Enter the sports industry and minimalist statements can be seen in the choice of design elements in sports logos.

“Less is more” the statement put forward by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to describe minimalist aesthetic has finally been adopted by sports marketers.

MLS Logo (Major League Soccer) taken to the Next Level

Major League Soccer has changed its cleat-and-soccer-ball logo for a more minimalist look.

Major League Soccer

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The new logo is described as follows:
“The slash refers to soccer’s speed and energy. The slash begins outside the perimeter and drives upward at a 45-degree angle to illustrate both the nonstop nature of our game and the rising trajectory of our league. It bisects the crest to create a ‘first half’ and ‘second half.’”

MLS Logo

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The new MLS logo is being used in various soccer club avatars and is hailed as the ‘Next’ level of MLS marketing. The logo seems to have been taken the concept of minimalist philosophy, “Omit needless things” to heart.


Image Source: ftw.usatoday.com

WWE Logo Design Cold and Edgy

Just as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) became WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) the history of WWE’s old logo shows that evolution is a trend within the corporation and as the superstars evolve so does the logo design.

WWE logo

Image Source: wwe.com/shows/raw

As a publicly traded company the firm offers global entertainment and ensures that its digital marketing strategy is committed to revolutionary and innovative design. Though not completely minimalist in reflection the flat and modern new logo removes the dated scratches and emerges as a eye-catching cold and in your face statement by the WWE designers.

Italian Soccer Team Inter: New Logo?

The “Football Club Internazionale Milano, known Inter Milan globally is based in Milan, Lombardy. The club has won three UEFA Cups, two Intercontinental Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup. Finally, it decided to change its logo.

Italian Soccer Team

Image Source: inter.it/en/hp

The logo seems to be the same as before but the typography has been cleaned up to use a sans serif approach and the dated star has been removed to give the minimalist trend a passing nod. This is in the words of a fan, “… a lateral movement, not really advancing the brand.”

Reebok’s old logo was never quite as famous as the Nike Swoosh or Adidas’ three-stripe design

Bucs (NFL) Goes Sleek:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently redesigned their logo and helmet ready for the National Football League. It was supposed to show the Bucs were coming into the game with a modern approach and a fresh new take on the toughness of the competition.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Image Source: buccaneers.com

The new logo gave more detail to the skull and cross and the teeth and the jaw. The logo redesign needed to keep the Buccaneers’ original approach but add a modern twist. While many sports marketers became minimalist this team took a different approach paying homage to minimalism by removing the excess shading on the flag and adding a sleeker typography. This can be seen especially on the helmet where the dark pewter shading and chrome facemask give the whole uniform a toughness that was missing before.


Image Source: fansided.com

Sports Marketing 2015:

In the past most sports logos were crests/badges that were extremely busy. Today, as sports marketers give their nod to the new trends, logos are being redesigned to show that less is indeed more. The aesthetic trends have changed and sports logo redesigns have shown that 2015 will be more about minimalist, modern, flat designs that reflect the changing sports marketing industry. For instance, the typographic evolution of popular NFL team logos also explains the shift to the minimalism trend in logo design. In the words of Marty Rubin, “Progress is discovering what you can do without.”

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