Use Star Ratings to Help Your Design Project

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One of the primary goals of Logo Design Guru has been to ensure that all of our design contests go smoothly from beginning to end. To ensure a seamless process, our team has developed tools and features to benefit out project holders and designers! One such feature is the Star Rating System, implemented on all contests.

Star Rating System

Star ratings are the little stars you see in the bottom right corner of every design draft at a contest. These ratings are no different than ratings given by movie critics. Based on these ratings, audiences determine whether or not a movie is worth seeing.  In the same context, star ratings are given by project holders at contests. These let designers know what the project holder thinks of their draft.

project star rating system
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What do the stars mean?

As mentioned earlier, star ratings represent what the project holders think about design drafts. Here is a quick reference table that explains what the number of stars given means:

1 star  1 Star – Right Direction

2 stars  2 Star – Ok design, but needs more work

3 stars  3 Star – Good design, more work still needed

4 stars  4 Star – Great design, almost there.

5 stars  5 Star – Excellent design worthy of winning. Well done!

I wanted to highlight the importance of star ratings. They are not just a way for clients to express satisfaction, but they help motivate designers. They tell the designer whether or not they’re designing in the right direction. It helps them to realize what direction they need to take so that future drafts are better. This is why client feedback is so important.

Even since we implemented this tool across the board, we’ve seen the quality of designs improved by leaps and bound.  The client satisfaction rate has also improved. I encourage all contest holders to provide feedback on each draft submitted to get the most designs at their contest.

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