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#StartupSpotlight On Jade Alberts Consulting: From Aha To Enterprise

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The simplest idea often germinates and takes root to develop into an extraordinary reason for pursuit. No one understands this better than Jade Alberts, owner of Jade Alberts Consulting and our star in this #StartupSpotlight. Jade Alberts Consulting maybe a one-man show but don’t let that fool you. From personal branding to social engagement campaigns to marketing strategies, Alberts is the man you need to get in touch with if you’re in Calgary, Canada.

Seeing his proactive approach and enthusiasm, we decided to cross the borders and find out more about this enterprising man.

1. Who is the man behind the company Jade Alberts Consulting?

I am the man, the myth and the legend, LOL, maybe in my mind. I used my name as my business because I wanted people to know who I am and have a personal feel to my company. For example, my video blogs are shot doing things I love. They are with my family, a little comical and shot at unique locations. I believe that as a business owner, you are your brand, and your brand is you, so always be yourself.

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2. From aha to enterprise, tell us the story of your startup.

I started my company as a hobby to help athletes make decisions about their future. I guided them in the right direction about schooling, the importance of setting goals, business plans, marketing strategies and mentoring them. Once we sold Nathan’s, I decided to make it my full-time business.

If you believe enough in your idea, and have a good business sense to back you up, it’s worth a shot just to go out there and set up your company. Don’t let the lack of funds, people or machines stop you from moving forward. Here’s what Alberts had to say about making critical decisions like resource management and sticking to a solid marketing plan.

3. Balancing resource with budget is a make-or-break decision, what’s your best tip?

I have a 1,3,5 and 10-year Business Plan. I review my plan every 3-4 months to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. I decided to pivot about 18 months ago and not to take on any more exclusive contracts. I wanted to make sure I’m available to anybody who wants to grow their business and brand. I consistently talk with my wife and mentor when it comes to making big decisions. Having someone to bounce ideas off of makes you stronger, but the key is listening to their advice.

4. Ever thought of closing down your company and wrapping up forever?

I went through this just over 2 years ago. I was really sad when we sold Nathan’s as it was our baby and we were letting it go. I struggled because we started it from scratch and grew it across Canada. Right now I have no intentions of closing down, and can’t see anything that would make me walk away from something I love.

5. “Time waits for no one, and neither does marketing.” Is marketing time-based?

That’s a slogan I use, and I honestly believe it. You must be marketing all the time because this allows you to be in charge of your story. Controlling your narrative on social media, good and bad, doesn’t allow others to define your brand. In today’s world, things happen quickly, and you have to be prepared to respond. Bad publicity can crush your reputation so never let Google define who you are. People do business with people they trust and respect, and if you lose this, it’s tough to get back.  

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To see how Alberts is at fielding complex marketing strategies, we launched a couple of challenges his way, and he quite impressed us with his answers.

6. If  you were to create an influencer campaign for Theranos to survive its current debacle, what’s the single most essential element you’d include that they haven’t thought of?

HONESTY. That’s the problem with many companies; they do not let us know all the facts and try to be something they’re not. How many of the unicorn companies have never made a profit? The number is startling. How many SME’s would be able to stay in business if they ran like this? I can’t stress enough; you need to be honest with your customers. After LISTENING to them, they need to hear your ideas on how to grow their business. That’s why you’re there.

7. Bill Gates is looking for you to save explorer browser from market extinction. What would be your game plan?

Honestly, I would let it die. It’s a tough decision to make, but you have to focus and spend money on what’s working for you. This advice is for all businesses. Microsoft is making significant progress with the Surface Pro tablets/laptops and is consistently rated better than Apple. (I love my Surface Pro). Google has over 60% browser share so I would reach out to them and see if they wanted to partner. Have Chrome come installed on all Microsoft products and maybe Office 365 replaces Google Docs. I might be living in a dream world, but you never know.

Did Alberts’ story motivate you to start your own business? Did any of his answers solve your current problems? Tell us all about it with a comment below.

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