14 States Where Landscape Companies Focus On Vehicle Graphic and You Should Too

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Landscape companies usually never excel at TVCs. That’s just how it is. So when you are unable to capture ample attention through digital advertising methods, then go for the old school; this means brand integration over your vehicles. Among all the customer touch points, your branded vehicle will establish credibility for you.

However, a vehicle or truck showing heavenly landscapes is not a true representation of your landscape brand. Most certainly it can serve as an announcement to tell the neighborhood about a new lawn care and maintenance provider in town, but it will fail to register your identity in customers’ mind. Vehicle advertising as they say, is an excellent opportunity to let people make a connection with your brand and that doesn’t come with luck or lofty imagery.

In most cases, landscape companies or startups for that matter lack an impressive logo. They need a unique symbol that pairs all the right elements and is visible from a distance on vehicle advertising. If your logo is too small or crowded, you will lose the opportunity to make a connection with the audience. There are more mistakes that can minimize your chances of getting noticed.

  • Putting too much text (you want everyone to know about all the services you offer)
  • Keeping it too minimal and elegant (dull colors are often lost in the background after all you don’t want people fishing out for your logo)
  • Too many colors to capture attention (yes you turned heads but was the message clear enough through the rainbow?)
  • Use of gradients (vehicles already have shinny surface and gradients in logos will create torturous reflectors)

Remember, most people might never get a chance to have a closer look as your truck passes by.

While searching for a myriad of vibrant designs, we’ve stumbled upon some landscaping companies from the States and would like to share with you a less common area of visual identity design for trucks and vehicles of these brands.

Cacti Landscapes Inc. Nevada

I would like to start by congratulating them for choosing an exceptionally appropriate name. Nevada is one of the driest States and is often represented by Cactus besides booze and gambling of course. Cacti Landscapes have also managed to cast an impression on the web as well as on the road. In their vehicle advertising they display the logo neatly on white background without fancy landscapes (cuz that’s the stuff they keep for their brochures).

Cacti landscapes Inc.- Nevada-01

Benjamin’s Landscaping Inc. Nebraska

Nebraska is known as the great American desert but it seems that the landscapes and lawn care providers in the state are going to change that. They have been in business for more than 40 years and their vehicle advertising is worth noting but they still need to work on their logo identity. People perceive Benjamin’s Landscaping as a credible service but they still don’t recognize it as Nebraska’s finest. It’s time that they do.
Benjamin's Landscaping - Nebraska-01

Coastal Greenery Georgia

The logo for coastal greenery speaks volumes about the service. It deals in commercial and residential landscape building, maintenance and enhancement. They have coupled a riskier font in their logo with a safer background for vehicle advertising. They must be appreciated for resisting the temptation to use a landscape imagery in the background.

Coastal Greenery - Georgia-01

David Ash Landscaping NJ

David Ash is home to professional landscape designers that are serving the South Jersey area for more than 2 decades. Their company logo incorporates the initials as well as the word mark that is beautifully designed and presented over vehicle wraps. Besides that it includes just the right elements that should be kept simple and obvious.

David Ash - New Jersy-01

Hartwood Landscape Virginia

Hartwood takes me by surprise with their tagline “Leave your neighbors green with envy” but for some reason it does not appear on their vehicle branding. Is that a missed opportunity to attract audience? Well so far, they’ve managed to keep it fairly simple by just showing the logo and contact information on the truck. Hartwood Landscapes might consider creating brand differentiation with an improved tagline sometime later. For now we present Virginia’s finest landscape designers.

HartwoodLandscape - Virginia-01

Litzenburger Landscape Michigan

Vehicle branding is the best way to reach people who are not looking for your service and Litzenburger has been doing that for a few decades now.

Litzenburger landscape - Michigan-01

Oasis Turf and Tree Ohio

They specialize in lawn care maintenance and pest control and judging from their vehicle branding, we can say they are the pros in this job. Their artistic logo and background conveys the brand message uniformly across the board. Oasis turf and tree recognize this mobile advertising medium as the most far-reaching system.

Oasis - Ohio-01

Peachtree Landscape Tennessee

Peachtree landscape has proven they have an amazing design sense. They’ve used Peachtree to symbolize their company logo and kept it consistent throughout their branding. As for the vehicle design, the brand elements take the central spot along with the core three services they provide. All in all, their vehicle design is an attention grabber from a distance.

peachtree landscaping - Tennessee-01

Preston Lawnscapes Pennsylvania

Preston might not be an ace in terms of graphic design or selection of brand colors but they have started to explore the risks of not using branded vehicles, or so it appears. They can still make the brand identity more pronounced by improving vehicle graphics according to the latest standards.

preston lawnscapes - Pennsylvania-01

Shane’s Landscapes Indiana

Shane’s landscapes have defied all the laws of conventional designs by using unique colors to represent their brand. Obviously they are known for their top-notch landscaping services but their fleet is one of the most visible and important marketing tools.

Shanes - Indiana-01

Sitescapes Rhode Island

Sitescapes offers a full range of commercial landscaping and residential landscaping services. From design and construction, to enhancements, preservations and maintenance. Their vehicle branding speaks volumes about their professionalism. The brand message for this landscape company definitely needs a stroke of updating but so far they have done a convincing job on their own.

sitescapes - Rhode Island-01

The Ground Guys Texas

Located in the State of Texas, the Ground Guys have managed to keep their message loud and clear. They have been in business for more than 2 decades serving both residential and commercial clients. Their trucks and vehicles are branded with appropriate colors along with all the relevant information that people need to contact for lawn care and turf maintenance or enhancement.

the grounds guys - Texas-01

Windwood Landscape Washington

In addition to enhancing your corporate identity, branding the fleet lends you the opportunity of large-scale service awareness. Has Windwood Landscapes been successful in creating awareness? In terms of vehicle branding and design, we can say it’s a definite yes. It’s a good example of a landscaping company smartly utilizing all the empty space available on the truck.

Windwood landscape - Washington-01

Us Lawns California

US. Lawns have raised the bar of service for landscape business owners in California. Their commitment is depicted from their logo and tagline that says “your turf, our lawn”. Besides they have chosen a very different dimension to display their brand identity.

Us Lawns - California-01

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