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7 Gripping Storytelling Techniques Brands Use In Holiday Ad Videos

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Since the last few years, videos have been the prime marketing tool used by most of the brands to sale their products or entice customers long enough for them to click on ‘Buy Now’. There are plenty of facts and logical reasons that make short videos more attention-grabbing than blog posts or articles. If we talk about some numbers, it is reported that videos gain almost three times more traffic than the standard reviews, while up-till 2019, about 80% of all web traffic will be claimed by nothing other than videos and short films.

It gets easier for digital users to watch a short video of five minutes than scroll through a blog post and read it. Not only are videos more fun and interesting, they can also convey far more details than written words. In this article, we will explore what are those special techniques in sales video-making that brands and customers alike are unable to resist.

1. Animated Videos For Explanation

You can grab your viewers’ likes through special techniques this holiday season, and to do that, the first powerful technique is the utilizing of fun animations. Not all products are as visually alluring – you brand might deal in complex, technical and all-too-boring products. Using animations to explain your brand’s message will just do the trick – moving cartoon figures will glorify the technicalities, emphasize on the better points and will totally subdue the tougher aspects.

Making animated explainer videos are relatively easy – all you need is to create an interesting concept that will communicate your holiday-season idea, write a script, do a voiceover recording, add cool graphics, edit the whole and you are done for the season. Once done, you can pin it to your official website, social media pages, YouTube channel – just make it viral before December ends!

2. 360 Degree Videos

Another effective video-making technique is the 360 degrees effect. Do you have brand-new Christmas selling-items stocked in your store this year? Make a 360 degree video-post of the inside of your store and let your customers take a virtual sneak-peak into it. Videos that utilize the new technology of 360 degrees virtual reality are bound to engage viewers in the concept that you have created for it. These kinds of videos allow the viewers explore the front, sideways, back, up and down of the video content just by clicking the arrow anywhere within the video box. Cool, isn’t it? Since these types of videos do not show moving pictures, they might not get a lot of views at first. However, it is guaranteed that whosoever clicks on 360 degree video to view it, is sure to be gripped by the content. It gives a sense of experiencing the content that you could have shown by filming, which gives the viewer a superior feeling and immediately catches their pleasure.

3. Make Short Films Branding Your Products

Another way to convert your audience into customers is to add a quirky story explaining your brand’s concept, hire some employees to play the characters and do some amazing editing work to make the video appear professional and movie-like. Share it on your pages and website so that it gains maximum traffic. Creating an interesting film selling the product or the brand’s message is another powerful tool that has the highest potential of hooking customers in – if you’re a bit high on budget, you can get one of the known actors to play for your short film and watch it catch fire. Thinking to sell personalized Christmas jackets this season? Come up with a short film on it, do kick-ass editing and let it go viral. International businesses have tried this long-form video format and have come out extremely successful – the six-seven minutes film gained million views and customers. All you need is good storytelling and professional editing.

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4. Behind The Scene Videos

They are also called BTS videos, and their sole purpose is to humanize the concept you are trying to sell – involve the viewers, connect with them and irresistibly engage them. Using Behind the Scene video format to advertise your message, sell a particular item or just generally encourage and invite customers to try out your products has always been victorious. For instance, you can give your audience an insight of how your team cooks up special Christmas cookies; let them know the effort you put in, how it is served and what some customers are saying about it. Humanize it instead of the mainstreamed “Ty out this season’s exclusive mouth-watering cookies.”

5. Q/A Videos

Another technique that many brands utilize is making Q and A videos. Although this method is limited to only a few concepts, mainly explaining the brand’s message or products that require answering questions, but this is one of the most powerful tools in engrossing audiences. Chances are, the viewer will click on the next video soon after watching one Q/A video, then the next and so on. If you have any concept that can be transformed into a Q and A video for this holiday season, do not think twice about it. Conduct it casually; add a sparkle of humor, a pleasurable voiceover and you’re all set to go.

6. Testimonial Videos

Again, the most persuasive way of gaining customers is to genuinely win their interest. Viewers are usually hard to please, and most of them have trust issues – they need genuine testimonies or details that allow them to trust for experimentation of a product. Brands also utilize the effective method of getting one of their previous customers/clients do a testimonial video – you can reward them consequently (discounts or free shipping, whatever you think). If you are a company dealing in tourism packages and wants your customers to avail an exclusive Christmas tour deal – make a visually authentic, testimonial video and make it viral. It sure will do the trick.

7. Make A Product Demo Video

Product demo videos are designed to help customers make their buying decisions. Most of the time, customers prefer watching a demo of the product than reading about its reviews or its working. These kinds of videos must only be customer-oriented – how does a particular service work, problems of consumers, solutions to it and the entire experience you are aiming to create with it. It should be elaborate, and should talk about the benefits of using a product. You must tell your viewers how your life will change after using a certain product – communicating such details through explainer videos will surely convert your viewers into purchasers. If your brand has a unique concept to offer this holiday season, do a product demo video and tell how it can transform their holidays into the most memorable ones, this year.

Marketing products is easy – you need to have the art of storytelling!

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