Storytelling – The Tale of Customer Conversion

“The universe is made of stories not of atoms” – Muriel Rukeyser

A quote that signifies that universe is filled with millions of stories. If a story stands out in that crowd, it’s worth the applause. Now the tricky part is to get the story just right. To come up with a story that represents brand values while being authentic and at the same time connecting with the audience at large is like trying to find the best match. Some of us prefer realism in a drama, while others seek an escape in to get to the pulse of the consumer and craft a story that resonates with all, is precisely the purpose of this chat. But of course storytelling has to purpose-driven otherwise it’s just noise.

Storytelling in marketing

When a brand aims to go for customer conversion through storytelling, the approach can correctly be named as funnel-based storytelling. The marketer or advertiser uses a series of messages to walk a consumer down the purchase/conversion funnel.

Psychologists Melanie Green and Tim Brock conducted studies that showed that the more immersed the reader is in a story, the more the story changes them. In this case, marketers take advantage of the fact that the reader/viewer has changed at a sub-conscious level.

Actions are what will help advance the story and the viewer or reader towards achieving their goal. You do need to take care that the story does not take an unexpected turn or go where it was never intended. That’s where the marketer has to steer a story in the direction of its target audience.

Storytelling @ #GuruChats

The guruchats session was an active encounter with professionals from diverse backgrounds and the blizzard seemed to have accelerated it further. Our expert guests came up with real-life examples and stories to explain storytelling for marketing.

  1. Carla Johnson
  2. Peter Gold
  3. Kristeen Romero
  4. Troy Sandidge
  5. Brian Massey
  6. Natalka Design
  7. Damien Franco
  8. Sweta S Vikram
  9. Paulus Veltman
  10. Stephanie Ciccarelli
  11. Kia Salter
  12. Luis Gonzalez
  13. Emily K
  14. Cristina Roman

Q1. Let’s tell the tale. Why marketers use storytelling and what does it achieve?

Storytelling is an effective tool employed by brands and marketers because it is known elicit viewer’s emotions who in turn feel the need to share their thoughts and opinions. Now marketers can set various aims and objectives and use storytelling tactics to achieve them. Let’s see what our guests and participants think about it.


Q2. How do brands engage their target audience through storytelling?

Now what can be the potential ways to connect and engage with the target audience? Well almost everyone believes the stories should appeal to the human side of the audiences. This could involve making them feel special or highlighting their aspirations or roles in life. Take a look.


Q3. How storytelling helps speed up conversion?

Marketers understand that customer conversion is a multi-stage process that can be speeded with some well-planned marketing tactics. Can storytelling be a smart move to speed up conversion and simplify customer journey? let’s find out.


Q4. At what point in the story would you invite your audience to take action?

Deciding the opportune moment to pitch the client or to ask them to take action is indeed a tough call. As some of our participants pointed it, it’s definitely not before the story climax has been revealed. What then is the right time to invite them to a CTA?


Q5. How do you measure the success of your storytelling campaign?


Now the most challenging part is to measure success parameter or to present success numerically. We know storytelling creates an emotional connection with the audience but how does that translate to ROI in the long run?


Q6. Can storytelling backfire?

Ironically some brands have received more backlash than value from storytelling. Clearly not everyone makes an empathetic storyteller. Check out what Guruchatters think on the matter.


Q7 Share your secret storytelling formula.

Check out how our guests and participants spilled the beans.


Q8. What’s your best advice for a successful storytelling in marketing?

During the chat session, we were entertained by stories in real-time and some hard-core suggestions for navigating through storytelling conundrums in marketing. Here’s a glimpse.

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