Spread Love this Valentines With 10 Stunning Fonts

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Jazz up your visual marketing material for Valentines this February! But how to add the aroma of love in your content? While all visual elements play a major role in making an ideal design for your campaign, I’ll focus on fonts. Some fonts are simply awe-inspiring, and leave your audience mesmerized if used wisely.

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Let’s not go into the “psychology” of fonts, since graphic and web designers alike know how typefaces have shaped the design world in this decade. All over the world, fonts are trending with a mixture of past, present and future styles. That’s one half, the other is to choose a suitable and eye-catching font.

So here is a list of free yet awesome fonts you *must use* this Valentines.

1. Pretty Girls Script

Fonts aren’t just feminine, but this one is super cute for any advertising targeted at young girls. Brighten up their day.

Pretty Girls Script
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2. Lovers Quarrel

Don’t take the words literal. This font takes us back to the times of hand-written love letters using feather quills. Oh so touching.

Lovers Quarrel
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3. Great Vibes

Well I got “great vibes” about this Valentines! How about you? The spirals and swirls are just right, and perfect for spreading love.

Great Vibes
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4. Adorable

The contrast of thick and thin strokes is lovely. The bold strokes suggest strength yet the curves give a soft appeal.

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5. Streamster

Ignite the fire of love with this font! The pointy tips of serif and the calligraphic strokes will charm up any written words on an advertisement.

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6. Sophia

This handwritten and paintbrush style font is perfect for attracting buyers towards candies this Valentines. Use it to decorate greeting cards, social media posts and a lot more.

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7. Quicksand

Want to remain simple and minimal even during Valentines? This one is for you. It can be used to uplift a chunk of words.

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8. Alex Brush

The more swirls you add the better this month. Use this font to uplift your content and make it stand out. Create new relationships for your brand.

Alex Brush
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9. Glober

Now you need a font for body copy also and not just for headings/titles. This font is minimal and modern enough to fit any situation. Give your design a sleek look.

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10. Little Days

This one is great for promoting candies, cakes and cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Make people feel special and loved this month.

Little Days
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Romance has just started! 14th February is near, so strike the hearts of your target audience with these stunning fonts. Good Luck!

Which Font Do You Like The Best? Comment Below.

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