What Makes a Successful Logo Design?

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A well crafted logo design is the face of your business thus, the responsibility of having a fantastic and unique logo design is important.  This does not only lie in the hands of the designer but also with the client.   Both should know what makes a logo design successful.

So, what exactly are the secrets to a successful logo design? Read on to find out!

1. Simplicity is the Best Policy

Have you ever taken a look at the logos of major brands and industries?   From Coke to Toyota, you’ll notice that all have quite simple logos. There is nothing flashy to any of them. Most new logo designers have a creative adrenaline to design with a jumble of graphics, text and colors.  What they don’t is that a clustered design does not typically click well with the perceptions of a customer.

2. Color Smart

In a custom logo graphic, every color has its own purpose, meaning and essence.  While some creative businesses require the use of splashy colors, others require very basic colors.  Examples of colors that can be seen to reflect professionalism are light blue, white, silver, and so on.   The colors you choose will represent your business, so be sure about what you choose.

3. Power of Words

Text plays a critical role in logo designing.  The fonts you use must reflect the professional aspect of the business, but must also be legible.  Many company logos are based on the company’s initials, rather than a graphical image. Text, if designed properly, could act as a standalone logo.   A classic example of this is Mc Donald’s logo.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

In terms of size, your logo design should be flexible and scalable. It should be flexible enough to retain its quality if shrunk or expanded.  The logo designer should understand that logos will not only go on websites or a business card, but the client might want to later add it to other means of different sizes.  Therefore, they must be designed to be scalable. Vector graphics are most suitable for this purpose.

5. Back to the Future

A logo should be able to stand the test of time.  10 years down the road it should still have an exceptional or contemporary look, instead of one that is outdated.   It’s important not to have your logo solely based around the latest trends.  As trends die, your logo will start looking outdated. An example of a logo that has stood against the test of time is Coca-Cola!

Every successful logo design relies heavily on the effective and creative use of images, colors and text.  If there is clear communication between client and designer, the business will have an amazing logo to flaunt.

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