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6 Surefire Ways Your Logo Design Can Win Hearts

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A logo is a simple yet an effective visual piece of art that should ideally express the message of your brand. Your branding should resonate with your audience and it should possess unique characteristics. Can you get this right in today’s market? Let us help you.

Contemporary and stylish designs are more likely to gain awareness because they’re trendy. When creating a logo design, be sure to know the truth about logo trends. In order to win the hearts of your audience with your branding, you need to keep up with the ‘design times’, but also make sure that you are not deviating from your business goals.

So how do you create the perfect brand logo? Take a look at these stylish branding trends that may help you gain a consistent following.

Minimalistic Logo Designs

Digital designers can’t stress this enough: simplicity goes a long way with logo designs. These logos may be simplistic but they’re extremely effective because they’re memorable. They’re also easily recognizable. That’s why it’s important that your logo is clean and sleek.

A streamlined minimal logo design tends to look aesthetically pleasing no matter what scale it’s in. Your logo should always look professional on all your mediums such as:

  • Billboards
  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Newsletters
  • Social media platforms
  • Invoices
  • Branded corporate gifts

Your logo design comes in very handy, especially because it can be used to amplify your brand identity in many ways, as mentioned above.

Use the black and white logo rule to see if your design will remain aesthetically professional in these colors as well as greyscale. If your logo doesn’t look eye catching in black and white chances are it won’t look appealing with color either. Logos with less color for corporate companies tend to be highly impactful.

What is Negative Space?

Using negative space is to combine the name of your company with the artwork of your logo in a way that it creates two meanings in one visual. This technique involves the use of images with letters hidden inside of them, or you can incorporate the image in between the text.

A good example of a logo with negative space is the branding for a company called FedEx. The wordmark has cleverly incorporated a forward arrow in between the letters. But it’s simply the E and the X put together in a way to create the shape in negative space.

FedEx Express Logo

This technique is clever and if you do it correctly you can create a unique brand that clearly expresses your company’s vision. It’s sure to win the hearts of many of your potential customers.

The Use of Bright Colors

Smartphone screens illustrate color in high definition due to the upgrade in technology in recent years. That’s why brightly colored logos are all the rage now. The use of vibrant colors expresses vigor, excitement, fun and a lot of positive energy.

It’s advisable you use colors that are relevant to your brand and the products and services you offer. For example, you can’t use black and dark purple if you’re creating a logo design for a childcare services as they may seem mysterious and gothic. You’d make use of bright primary colors that give your branding a cheerful disposition.

Bright Color Logos

The use of vibrant colors will definitely catch the attention of people quickly. Eye catching colors will also set you apart from your competitors, giving your customers a positive impression of your company as you seem unique.

Make use of the minimalistic approach and only use two to three colors for your logo to keep it organized.

Incorporate Unique Shapes into Your Design

You want to include shapes that are not only visually artistic but also come across as timeless logos. Incorporate geometric shapes such as half circles, diamonds and triangles. You can also use organic shape that don’t have a standard form. Using simple shapes in your design helps your customers to identify you much quickly.

Starbucks Logo

Incorporate geometry with symmetry. This simply means that whatever you design on the one side of your logo you repeat on the other side, and even if you don’t repeat, make sure the logo design is well-balanced.

Colorful Gradients

The use of gradients has become popular over the past few years. The colors are all visible but they fade into each other starting from the darkest shade and ending with the lightest shade or vice versa. For example the Instagram logo used gradient to design its brand. Other brands are also using this color technique, in fact it has become a trend.

Instagram Logo

Using gradient is incredibly appealing if you apply the correct color combinations. This is a practical design method as it can be applied to both fonts, pictures and icons.

Creating 3D Effects

Logos that look like they’re popping out of your screen seem to be making an impact in the design industry. Even if your logo wasn’t 3D to begin with you can alter and upgrade it without losing any of your brand’s original characteristics. While famous brands are making flat logos, there are many small businesses and startups that prefer a logo with a realistic effect.

If you want to create a memorable effect on your audience perhaps create a 3D logo in motion. If your logo shape is round why not make it rotate?

Final Thoughts

Creating a unique identity for your company doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply look up a few modern logo design trends and incorporate them into your logo design. You want your logo to be trendy and extremely attractive so it catches people’s attention and even their heart and emotions. That’s how your logo gets etched into the memory of anyone who looks at it.

Win the hearts of many and incorporate unique design techniques into your branding that will impress now and stand the test of time.

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