Survival Tips for New Graphic Designers

The graphic design market continues to grow with new designers and keeps becoming highly competitive with each passing year. This is both good and bad news for the new designers. It is good because it assures designers that their skills are in demand. On the other hand, this can be seen as bad news because the competition is full of well-versed and experienced designers.

Today we’ll focus on a few survival tips that will help new graphic designers. We suggest you start utilizing these tips in order to effectively prepare yourself for the competitive graphic design market.

1. Stay up-to-date on All Graphic Design Topics


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This may seem straightforward, however this tip is the easiest to overlook. The graphic design industry is always changing and designers must educate themselves regarding every graphic design evolution. Fortunately, this is much easier to do now that it was a decade ago.

Thanks to the internet, you now have access to a global library that can be easily accessed at any time. Start by following popular graphic design blogs and forums; there are dozens out there to choose from. Stay active on social media platforms like Twitter and follow prominent graphic designers. You will gain a lot of knowledge from their experience and personal blogs.

2. Learn to Manage your Time

Learn to Manage your Time

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Time management is one skill that every graphic designer should master before undertaking any project. If you are not deadline oriented from the start, you will have a tough time succeeding. This industry revolves around strict deadlines and quick turnarounds. Some companies even demand design revisions in the same day. So, be prepared to change your schedule around at the last minute (sometimes) to accommodate a client.

3. Think: Run Faster & Jump Higher

Think: Run Faster And Jump Higher

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You may need to change your mind set in order to properly establish yourself in this field. Understand that the field is competitive … it can be cut-throat but also provides good opportunities. With that in mind, new graphic designers must realize that in the beginning of their career they will have to run a little faster and jump a little higher to get ahead. Establishing yourself will take time, hard work, patience and perseverance. The first few years are extremely crucial and brutal, but the payoff is well worth in the long run.

4. Know your Tools well

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New graphic designers should have a firm grasp and knowledge of the technical tools used by designers. Graphic design software and tools will make your job easier, allowing it to be completed faster. New designers should master software and have a good understanding of which tools works where. For example, as a graphic designer you should know that Adobe Photoshop works well for web design while Adobe Illustrator is best for logo design, not vice versa. Your software skills will reflect in your design drafts. Create a good impression. Master your design tools!

5. Use Symbols in your Designs

Famous Design Symbols

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A symbol in the graphic design business is a collection of graphical elements merged together to form one shape that people can relate to. It has the potential of becoming unforgettable. Some of the most popular and easily recognizable logos today use symbols and are recognizable even without the company name. Make a note of using symbols in your designs (unless your client requests something different).

Aside from these five tips, every new designer should also know what to avoid in order to survive in the graphic design industry. For example, copying designs is a big no-no and can give you a bad reputation quickly.

While these tips are very simple to follow, new graphic designers must make sure they do not overlook them and actually implement these in their work. This will help them approach any design project with confidence. A strong and confident designer is definitely something every client will love and appreciate!

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