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#Teachyourself: Recipe for Designing a Winning Business Card

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A business card is among the most essential aspects of brand identity, and is commonly known as a visiting card. It bears professional information about an individual or a company such as name, position or field, and contact information.


The production of a single highly creative card costs between 5 to 10 dollars, if you want the best! However, this value may fluctuate depending on:

  • Your location – developing nations may have a lower average design rate
  • Designer’s skills – the popularity and the kinds of designs that can be made
  • Technology – sophisticated printers and cutters increase overall cost
  • Finance – how much money have you allocated to your branding stationery

Function and Use

A professional business card is a powerful tool for marketing because it holds important information in a concise manner. Remember that you cannot hand out your business card to anybody, so be selective. Give it to those that really matter like your stakeholders, friends and clients. For every 2000 cards that are passed out, there’s a 2.5% increase in company sales.

Traditional business cards include physical address of business, e-mail and telephone numbers. However after the rise of social media, online accounts like URL links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. are also added to these cards.


With the advancement in technology some think that the trend of business cards is disappearing. However, do you know that ten billion business cards are printed annually in United States? This proves that the use of business cards is prevalent even in the 21st century. To date, business cards are of great value to all who get it made because they look distinctly professional.

Moreover, business cards are mobile. They have a versatile size and can be kept in purses, wallets, pockets, or simply in hand. Although I do agree that people throw away business cards or lose them. In fact, 90% recipients toss business cards away in less than a week. Despite this, a business card is still considered as an effective networking tool.

In this case, graphic designers invent cool and new ways to design extraordinary business cards worth cherishing. They continually bring in innovative ideas and creative technologies to make this an “experience” rather than simply a give-and-take scenario. There are many ways to save your business card from being thrown away in the trash bin. For example 3D, pop up or origami inspired business cards act as souvenirs — people get a chance to interact.

Design Tactics

Well, you can’t just slam all the content in a limited space. A business card design is all about your image and great ones are made by using clever design strategies.

As a designer, you must know about the following:

  • Composition and layout techniques
  • Alignment tactics and its importance
  • Ways to achieve balance in design
  • Basic designing and printing rules

This and more is awaiting your attention in the infographic that you can use as a guide whenever you‘re creating or handing-out a business card.

Let’s learn to design a winning business card!

Design a Winning Business Card

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