E3 Day 3

The Battle Comes to an End: E3 2015 – Day Three

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Finally, the great battle has come to an end. More games have been shown and demonstrated. New ones have been heralded. Gamers all over the world are excited for a whole new range to play over the next year. Developers and publishers have shown what it takes to produce a great game, and have understood the challenges they must face in future.

Sony, for one, has made a statement about Xbox One’s backward compatibility. They said it must have been challenging for Microsoft to do it, and have hinted that Sony will be doing something similar as well. As far as public opinion goes, Sony has dominated the field in E3 2015. With Project Morpheus, a pile of hit games, and hints at future developments, they have excited their fans all over the world, and won the hearts of many others.

Bethesda has also done a remarkable job with game production. Their line-up is highly anticipated by gamers. They have set a new high for quality and graphic design.

Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Nintendo, and other developers and publishers have also taken great strides in the domain of game design and development. Future promises seem to be trustworthy, as graphic designers are thrilled to explore, improve, and innovate graphics and designs for future gaming.

Take a look at what these games have to offer:

What Remains of Edith Finch

  • The game will be released in 2016
  • It is a first-person exploratory game
  • A collection of short stories, it spans over three generations of the Finch family
  • Since the game is set in different time periods, the graphics are relevant to those times
  • The location design is based on Orcas Islands in Washington state
  • The graphics, sound effects, and animations are made for the player to feel mystery and horror

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • It will be launched on June 23, 2015
  • An intense action and stealth game
  • It is the final game in Batman Arkham trilogy
  • Gotham city has been completely remade for this part, allowing freer game play
  • Dark, thrilling, scary Batman graphics
  • Increased use of polygons in character models
  • Graphic enhancements from prequels, such as blood drops or blood drips down from the character’s clothing, and the cape wafts with the wind

For Honor

  • The game is announced for release in 2016
  • It is a third-person melee combat game
  • Set in the medieval era, players can choose between Vikings, Knights, and Samurai
  • Close range, tactical, and speed combat action with a new Art of Battle concept that allows various battle styles and stances
  • The graphics are violent, aggressive, fast paced, and just what one would expect from medieval castles, soldiers and heroes

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 has changed the world of graphic design, animation, illustration, game development and design. The competition between developers and designers led them to beat each other at making a game better than all others, and their efforts have produced wondrous results. New doors for graphic designers have been opened for exploration and creation.

The battle of the titans have come to an end, the E3 2015 Day 3 left us excited.

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