Massimo Vignelli – The Timeline Legacy Of A 20th Century Designer!

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MASSIMO VIGNELLI was a prolific designer of the 20th Century. He was born in the year 1931 and departed from this world in 2014, leaving behind his blend of artistic and creative talents. Some of his fascinating contributions are found in logo, package, furnitureand book cover designs. The most famous designs that made him an ICON of Graphic Design history are Poster for the Fort Worth Art Museum, Tumblers, Stacking Dinnerware, Pneumatici Pirelli, American Airlines, St. Peters Church, Guggenheim Museum, Unfinished Modern, NY Subway Map, Austrian Architecture, United Colors Of Benetton, San Lorenzo Design and The Vignelli Canon.

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He believed that a life of designer is about eliminating ugliness with the power of tools and ideas. An iconic figure, Massimo Vignelli, used the versatility in his designs for incorporating uniqueness in medley of his work through diversity of mediums. His famous words, ‘if you can’t find it, design it’ paved way for an indigenous aspect in designing. The love that he had for Helvetica is represented in his designs, whilst he lived with the modern vision of designing that made him an inspiration for many.

The complete unifying bond of colors in his designs directed young designers to opt for achieving visually powerful, intellectually elegant and timeless element in their designs. Moreover, his designs had a tell-tale quality because he liked his work to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent and pragmatically understandable. Creating an image and submerging it with strokes of natural elements is not something every person can do, therefore, designing is known as creative art, which requires aesthetic presence of mind for crafting an image.


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