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Timeless Letter Mark Logos And Their Stories Of Success

Initialism has worked for businesses with lengthy names but in some cases they went on to become the global symbols of recognition. One such prominent name is that of NASA. Everyone knows what this catchy acronym refers to, but very few can actually tell what it stands for. It is not the only letter mark logo that gained massive prominence. Other brands like IBM, CNN, HBO also established themselves through monogram logos or letter marks. Usually media outlets, financial institutions and banks and research organizations have turned company names into acronyms. Later on, the lengthy company name was given up altogether and initials remained in the logo mark. This has been a common practice by several brands that realize the importance of minimalism in logo design.

A letter mark is different from typography-based logos or wordmark because the former comprises of only the company’s initials. Moreover, the font choice is more crucial in a letter mark because the designer has to maintain the focus on initials. As for a startup, it is not wise to use acronyms without using the full name in the brand logo. Hence, it is debatable that letter mark or monogram logos are effective in all situations.

When To Use Letter Mark?

What are the possible instances or excuses to use a letter mark logo for your brand? That very question has left several startups scratching their heads. It’s common knowledge that a letter mark logo will not spell out a company’s name but refer to it as an abbreviation. Besides that, there are various other reasons to go for the tricky letter mark logo design. Let’s start by listing down a few scenarios when using a letter mark is preferred.

  • When the name is too long
  • When the name is difficult to remember
  • When initials make a catchy acronym
  • When the complete name does not say much about the brand
  • When you can add more character to the letter mark

Now you may have used one or more of these as reasons to create a letter mark. How is the creation process any different from other types of logo design?

How To Make A Letter Mark?

The letter is the foundation of your letter mark. Its shape and proportion will govern everything that follows. When you know that you’ll have minimal space available for branding (like when working with a very small product), letter marks are a good way to save on size and still provide an indication of your brand’s name.

Additionally, using a letter mark logo design assigns equal visual weight to every word in the name of your company, which may make them easier for customers to remember. “EA” acts as a simple mnemonic device that helps to familiarize people with the “Electronic Arts” brand.

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