Tips for Graphic Designers this Halloween: Wild side of Designers

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Halloween. The most widely and enthusiastically celebrated occasion of the year brings in festivities for everyone, doesn’t it?

While girls and guys scurry around trying to find the most unique costume there is a group amongst them that sits back and relaxes. The designers know they can do well, and even at the last minute they have enough creativity in their fingertips to make good on their promise of unique.

Designers Crowd:

The designer crowd takes Halloween not as an event but an opportunity … you will see their artistically designed posters, images, graphics and concepts waving around from every corner.

Halloween is a lot fun for designers as there are so many wild themes and concepts to experiment with, and crazy ideas graphic designers can jiggle. Moreover, this is the time of the year when businesses have huge prospects for sales and marketing. Perhaps, they can get the dynamic Halloween themes for promotion of their brand on multiple touch points. For instance, you can get interesting and creative designs on brochures, post cards, e-promos, flyers and catalogues.

Calculated observations suggest that pumpkins, vampires, witches, dark creatures and horrifying werewolves have been over used in designing. So what is the new aspect?

Probably super heroes would work this time πŸ™‚ Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk or Iron man. Well baby Groot with some exciting dancing moves would be great. What do you say?

Save your designs from landing into a graveyard this Halloween: Try these ideas πŸ™‚

1- Experiment with scary tones and colors

Colors Halloween

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2- Try unique typefaces and Icons to frighten your clients

There are so many high quality free fonts available for your ease

3- Find out character that Haunted people this year

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4- Frighten up the sales by providing horrifying offers

5- Hunt the traditional legends of Halloween and amaze people by historical fun facts

Do you have any more wild ideas for graphic designers this Halloween? Go crazy with your imagination and share your creative thoughts with us πŸ™‚

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