15 Travel Accounts On Instagram From The Hall Of Fame

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Everyone’s looking forward to gaining popularity on social profiles especially Instagram these days. As brands and marketers, this has become our job. Staying on the top does not necessarily means getting maximum number of followers. It involves creating a circle or network around relevant people from the industry and keep expanding from there. Some travel and tourism accounts are setting an excellent example to increase relevant Instagram audience. Join these exciting travel and tourism ventures and stay updated with their activities on Instagram.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a peer-to-peer accommodation market place that connects hosts (vendors of rooms/accommodations) and travelers via its website. With its Instagram account, it is letting people share their stories of travel. Right now it stands at 980K followers and still growing with leaps and bounds. Currently, they are featuring their hosts and their stories on Instagram accounts.



2. Marriott Hotels

Marriott International, Inc., is a global leading lodging company with more than 4,400 properties in 87 countries and territories. Under the umbrella of Marriott Inc, there are several brands that enjoy international fame including Renaissance hotels, the Ritz Carlton, Marriott hotels and the Delta hotels to name a few. Marriott Hotels & Resorts. Marriott is on a journey to make travel uncomplicated. Unforgettable. Check out their Instagram profile with 122K followers. Create a future of travel with Marriott.



3. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Travel around the world in comfort and style as you explore iconic destinations and unwind in fantastic Four Seasons hotels and resorts along the way. If you have ever experienced the sophistication and luxury of Four Seasons, you can share your picture with the hashtag #FourSeasons to share it with the rest of the world.


Let your #wanderlust guide you. Soak in new views with these exclusive Four Seasons offers: bit.ly/FSsuitesIG #🌴

A photo posted by Four Seasons Hotels | Resorts (@fourseasons) on


4. Travel+Leisure

Explore the amazing guide to travel and leisure that includes guides, news and tips for travel destinations. It is the world’s leading travel magazine that has 1.8 million followers on instagram. The choice of landscapes in their imagery enjoys attention from thousands of fans. This is your chance to experience travel images from a different lens.


Find a new way to see your favorite city. #TLPicks courtesy of @matteorighiphotography.

A photo posted by Travel + Leisure (@travelandleisure) on


5. Travel Noire

A travel company for explorers of color who want to journey deeper. Travel around the world with us via TN Experiences. Travel Noire is a digital publishing brand that creates compelling tools, resources & experiences to help travelers discover new destinations. An amazing concept to connect people from around the world through travel.


Depth. @noelle.miriam // Iceland. #travelnoire #iceland

A photo posted by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on


6. Huffpost Travel

Huffpost travel keeps you updated with news on travel destinations, discoveries and the latest from the world of holiday and travel. Check out their Instagram account full of exciting travel places and experiences. They have a good following but unfortunately, they are not active since 2 years. The fans and followers would like to see them post more often.


What a stunning view of Positano and Capri! Thanks for the photo @cameraandcarryon! #hptravelgram

A photo posted by HuffPost Travel (@huffposttravel) on


7. Travelers Lounge

Traveler’s Lounge is shop specializing in Traveler’s Notebook products that is run by two medical students with a love for journaling, travel, and all things analog!



8. Wander Out

It is a platform for adventure photography to inspire travelers, tourists who would like to capture the raw side of nature. The account is home to some creative and surreal images and travel experiences and is already followed by 646K followers. You can be featured by using the hashtag #WanderOut in your images.


Interesting perspective with a glass ball. Photo © @discover.dan • #wanderout to be featured! • #wanderout #adventure #travel

A photo posted by Adventure • Travel • Nature (@wanderout) on


9. Travel Emporium

Design team of travel stylists, curating unique and bespoke travel experiences for VIP and discerning travelers, from across Australia. The team comprises of industry experts and passionate travelers who are always ready to plan your dream holiday.



10. Travel diaries

Add stories to your digital diary and determine for each chapter if you want share it or not. Public chapters are converted to a blog that you can share with family and friends. You can also add photos and map your travel routes. Join them on Instagram to learn about traveler’s experiences and be a part of the adventure.


Dear diary… Let’s go somewhere! #Traveldiariesapp #Whatsyourtravelstory

A photo posted by Travel Diaries (@traveldiariesapp) on


11. Travel Goalz

It is a collection of people’s experiences in various travel destinations. Travel goals will remind you of summer vacations and attractive beaches from around the world. The original owners of the pictures are given due credit. An awesome collection at Travel Goalz has already gathered 114K followers. Follow them and be inspired!


Natural jacuzzi in Tuscany, Italy! 🇮🇹

A photo posted by Travel & Nature 🕵 (@travelgoalz) on


12. BBC travel

BBC travel will take you on an incredible journey the world and uncover their untold stories through photography. BBC Travel motto is “Inspiring you to fall in love with the world.” Currently, they have 387K followers on Instagram and their top hashtags are #BBCTravel and #LoveTheWorld. Explore more on travel insights on BBC travel Instagram.



13. Travel Peek

Travel Peak display the captures from some of the most unique places in the world. It has 48.9 K followers on Instagram so far. The original photographers or picture owners are mentioned when their images are shared. You can share your experiences with #travelpeek.


Switzerland Photo by: @sennarelax

A photo posted by Travel the World (@travelpeek) on


14. Travel channel

This Instagram account takes you behind the scenes of travel channel so that you can experience the places they have visited, feast your eyes with the cuisines from around the world.


Montaña Mágica Lodge | Chile. #LiveTravelChannel Photo by: @southamerica

A photo posted by Travel Channel (@travelchannel) on


15. Tourism Kelowna

Urban and rural; nature and culture; playtime and downtime: Kelowna isn’t just one destination. It’s a whole bunch of them, located in one uniquely beautiful place. Besides that, they have created engagement through Instagram profile that has gathered 12.5K followers so far. You can also tag #tourismkelowna or #explorekelowna to share and give them permission to repost.


Walk or Bike this path in @downtownkelowna. photo by: @loopcruisers ・・・ “One of many forks in the road in Downtown Kelowna’s Waterfront Park. Take a left to the beach or a right to check out a patio @deltagrandhotel ? The sun is poking through, don’t let those clouds scare you off this long weekend. Come grab a bike and go for a quick cruise…. if the rain starts to come down you can pop into one of the many restaurants along the way #Kelowna #Bike #Rental #okanagan #britishcolumbia #Canada #hellobc #tourismbc #downtownkelowna #kelownanow #tourismkelowna #explorekelowna #explorebc #vernon #Kamloops #calgary #vancouver #victoria #edmonton #yvr #yyc #yyj #beach #lake #hotel #Resort #Foodie #wild #goose”

A photo posted by Tourism Kelowna (@tourismkelowna) on


Tips to enter the “Hall of Fame”

  • Run a contest, feature your employees, customer experiences or other stakeholders
  • Create customizable hashtags for travel and tourism
  • Ask people to share a travel story using your hashtag
  • Share unique insights about travel destinations with images
  • Frequently tag and/or feature channels and relevant resources in your network

These are some of the ways to connect and engage with your audience on Instagram. So what tactic are you going to apply after connecting with these travel accounts? Share your thoughts with us.


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