Travel Agency Fonts That Create Local Marketing Success

There are so many beautiful (and free) fonts available these days – it can be difficult to limit their use when you want your local travel agency to look unique and compete against the bigger brands.

When it comes to your marketing material, whether it is for brochures or for your website, we recommend that you limit your fonts to one or two carefully paired choices. This will make everything, from your printed brochures and postcards to your website, aesthetically pleasing and professional.

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For special promotions or different product offerings, it’s okay to use more variety, but in the design of your brand identity, keep it simple.

Font categories and their styles

Typography plays a crucial role in the design of your brand identity and creates an impression about your agency. Here are some of the most common font typeface categories and how their styles affect the way a customer will view your travel agency:

  • Need traditional and professional? Use Serif fonts which have a line at the end of each stroke.
  • Looking for something crisp and modern? Use Sans serif fonts which don’t have that line at the end of each stroke.
  • Targeting a sophisticated audience? Script fonts (and italics) are generally formal and decorative.
  • Want to be friendly and approachable? Handwriting fonts tend to be casual and personal.

If you want to target specific travelers such as businessmen or people going on leisure trips, fonts play a role in how your business is perceived. This infographic shows you a few different font pairs that would work well for organizing your marketing materials visually, and aid your identity design. Selecting travel agency fonts will become easy with this visual guide.

Jonathan Ive Behind Apple

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