Inside Out: Understanding UI and UX Designers’ Mind

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The world of UI and UX designers can often be weird, fantastically so, yet weird nonetheless. Turn it inside out, much like the new Pixar movie, and you’ll discover a breathtaking range of colors, with a very generous splash of chaos. It is possible to separate the two, and distinguish between them, so that you can view one spectrum representing a UI designer’s mind, while another exhibits what a UX designer’s thought process looks like.

Of course, there is significant overlap as well, since the line dividing these two job descriptions is quite fuzzy to begin with. It doesn’t help, either, that both forms of craft are evolving near constantly, and growing every day to incorporate the latest ideas and technologies. To further compound the problem, there’s the fact that most UI/UX designers have rather complex personalities, prone to whims of fancy and flights to Neverland.

It becomes nearly impossible then to be able to understand the inner workings of the mind of a UI/UX designer. Fortunately, Inside Out recently gave us a whole new perspective of how to think about the brain, our thoughts, and our emotions. So, using the very same concept, we have crafted an infographic for your perusal which should help you better understand exactly what goes on inside the heads of UI/UX designers.

Understanding UI and UX Designers Mind

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