How to Use Community Groups to Boost Your Small Business

If your looking to begin building a content marketing strategy for your small business, social media community groups will be your primary source for sharing.

What makes Google+ Communities and LinkedIn Groups so effective for small businesses is that they don’t tolerate spam, and users that only participate in the groups to promote their own business are quickly removed from the group or ignored altogether. And while Facebook groups have a high volume of spammers, these types of groups and people will be avoided once people realize that the group holds no value to them. The benefit of Facebook groups is the share number of groups you can find with extremely niche content!

Communities provide small businesses an opportunity to promote their own content to a highly targeted and engaged audience based on location and interest. However, what makes the communities successful for the businesses promoting in this way is when the content you share encourages engagement.

How to Use Community Groups to Boost Your Small Business

Try and participate in each and every community you post to. Start conversations, engage with others, and always like and +1 content that you enjoyed. Companies that have used social media only to promote their products or services have found that the online communities quickly ignored them.

ThinkDesign podcast discusses what small businesses must do to avoid looking like a spammer and how to use groups on Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

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