Dominant Vintage Appeal in Contemporary Design

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As humans we revere the past. Whether it is art, music, culture or science we find grace and beauty in the classics because they represent the history of our own selves. The meticulous detail and stylized forms have been created in a way that is awe aspiring.

Appealing to the vintage in you, graphic designers alter their designs to insert classical flair so that all those who revere the past can in fact, revere their designs!

Global interaction has given boom to participatory culture, because of which we observe the amalgamation of designology in the art works today. Contemporary Designs are presenting a new-cultural identity, a new form of Art. You may not be able to afford that Picasso you love to go see in an Art Museum but you can afford a graphic design of the same.

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Current design trends can be seen to have a domination of the reductionist approach. If you try to analyze the modernism in graphic design, I’m sure you will taste a multiplicity of styles notwithstanding the abundance of classical designs.

Reductionist Technique:

Simplicity of the past and the classic designs are being observed in the minimalism trend in logo design. Also, so many companies opted for rebranding and went flat this year:

Olive Garden joined the crowd of rebranding

Olive Garden Logo

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AirBnB redesigned their logo

AirBnB Logo

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NETFLIX joined the Minimalists


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And recently Pizza Hut introduced changes in their brand

Pizza Hut Logo

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Contemporary Flair:

While trying to understand distinctive elements of contemporary designers, I came across the book by R. Klanten that explains that present-day graphic designers are reinventing the classical forms of design. This style is popular among young designers as ‘minimalistic trend’.

“A minimalist design vocabulary is currently being reinvented by a troop of young graphic designers who are rediscovering the stylistic elements reminiscent of classic graphic design such as silkscreen printing, classical typography, hand lettering, woodcutting and folk art and integrating them into their work.”

Classical Modernism

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Contemporary Design

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Besides, classical modernist style in contemporary design, what else is there that makes present-day graphic designers distinct?

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