Vintage Soup for Graphic Designers Soul

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We have been conditioned from childhood by fairy tales and fables which continue to echo in our minds even as adults. Whenever we hear a story, we instantly connect to the flair of our childhood. Vintage appeal in graphic design evokes similar connections. It is a concept which helps customers connect to the brand message.

Vintage charm in graphic design is associated with the blending of conventional design ideas with contemporary ones. This conjures an aesthetic sense in the designs. Graphic designers use vintage or retro appeal in their work to connect the brand to the past. However, you will also notice its usage in the typography on wine labels, which emphasizes the historical connotation of the brand.

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The advantage of vintage designs is that they arouse feelings, emotions, and memories in a target audience without them even realizing it. In this fast-paced world, where we are losing connections to our past, graphic designers are trying to bring that association back through vintage art and designs.

Supposedly, a logo design of a wine brand will use a vintage style, because wine is associated with product elegance as well as used as a beverage that connects you to past memories. Similarly, designers can use retro appeal in book cover designs, if the story is written in a historical context. However, contemporary brands also use vintage logo designs, if their market demographics fall within the age bracket of 40 to 45 years.

Let’s take a look at some vintage graphic design ideas:

Retro appeal in graphic design is not a fad. It has been used in the design industry for a very long time. However, this is not only because vintage helps build connections and associations to the past, but it also offers clarity in layouts, and makes the communication strong as retro style is powerful in itself.

Graphic designers also use vintage style in their designs when they want their users to pay significant attention to the details of the brand. For instance:

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Furthermore, you will see designers using vintage typography in contemporary logo design. With the digital techniques available today, graphic designers can present a great blend of modern and classical design forms.

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Take Away

The trends are continuously evolving and changing. For a graphic designer, it becomes important to keep track of these trends, and to aggressively learn new concepts. This will help you stay in touch with the rest of the graphic design world.

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