Visual Assets For Tax Consultant Websites To Hook Clients

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The infamous tax season is on the roll – when individuals and organizations either take a breath of relief or are held by the neck by Uncle Sam. Tax consultants, like you, can help existing and potential clients comply with tax laws without difficulty. For this, of course your expertise makes a commendable impact on your consultation business. Once you have your licenses and certifications, you need to reach people and build a clientele. This is when you need to design and develop a website with valuable visual assets.

Tax Consultancy Website

In today’s world, not having a website is like murdering your business even if it’s a local set up. In their demanding schedule, people have no time to spend hours searching for a credible tax advisor. Thus, they turn to their mobile devices for information, networking and purchase. This is the era of micro-moments, as Google interprets. According a report by Hootsuite, there are 3.773 billion internet users and those from a taxable income bracket surely need your service.

As Hubspot puts it, a website is one way to help businesses guide visitors along their buyer’s journey. Thus, using the visuals mentioned in the infographic below isn’t enough. You need to embrace the following four things.

Make A Responsive Website

In the 21st century, powered by digital media, your tax consultancy website design needs to clinch on what Ethan Marcotte coined – responsive web design. In a 2015 event, Marcotte shared why web designing beyond the desktop is a prerequisite for businesses to survive in an age of smart phones, iPads and laptops.

It is a practice whereby the content on a web page can adjust itself to different screen sizes. UX designer Clarissa Peterson, in her book Learning Responsive Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide, explains the nature of a responsive design that is different from and better than a mobile website and a fixed-width one. It is a cost-effective method whereby only one version of the website is made using HTML, CSS and/or Java Script.

Humanize User-Experience

You are a tax consultant and your website needs to be for the people. After you’ve understood your target audience, it is essential to know how to make a human-centered web design to enhance user-experience. It takes only 3 seconds for users to bounce off a web page, so you must make sure you instantly grab their attention.

Note that the route to reach your services is as important as the service itself. Simple tactics will help you design a corporate website that welcomes visitors, converts them to leads and eventually clients in a humanized way.

Know Web Design Trends

People’s aesthetic sense is constantly evolving and if you make a website design clients no longer fancy then you’ll simply look outdated. As a tax advisor you should too be enlightened to web design trends taking the industry by storm. It is generally advised by professors and managers to look presentable in a working environment, and the same tip works for a business site as well. Presentation is as crucial as the content in it. Just make sure you don’t go over-the-top and make a design with a turtle-like loading speed and that cannot be opened via different devices.

Focus On Content Structure

You can’t just dump your assets, you need to allocate them for effective results. The visual assets below need to follow a certain composition. Every graphic element on every web page has a place it works best in. To determine that, you need to check your Google Analytics for the click through rate; but you also need to understand the types of web grid and layout techniques.

This will help you structure the content on your tax consultancy website in visually pleasing and purposeful way.

Visual Assets On Tax Consultancy Website

Although Rand Fishkin of Moz isn’t in favor of infographics, they are in fact an intriguing form of visual asset just like the other I’ll be mentioning below. Visual assets help tax consultant websites communicate and in fact illustrate information about the firm and the products it offers in an easy-to-understand way. In one of his Whiteboard Friday lesson, Fishkin describes visual assets as “representations of concepts, processes, or elements that enable faster and better understanding” of content. Although there are countless ways to visually depict the written word on websites, for a tax consultancy firm I’ve picked the ones that matter most in your road to successfully hook clients.

Now that you the basics, let’s discover the visual assets you need to make all this possible!

Tax Consultant Websites
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