Why Visual Branding is a Smart Investment for Local Banks

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Visual branding is the future.

For the local banking industry, the key to spreading awareness of their business will be dependent on how they show customers that they care about them.  Visual content such as GIFs, memes, and more have been adapted by hundreds of companies to spread awareness of their brand. It’s time for the local banks to invest in this unique content marketing strategy!

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GIFs are an easily digestible format of visual content that can personalize interactions between brands and customers.

There are thousands of ways that banks can use GIFs to capitalize on branding, including pairing the short content with popular hashtags, posting on social media platforms that use GIFs; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Tumblr are a few of the platforms that GIFs work best with.

This infographic explains why GIFs are the future of visual content and why local banks must consider them part of their visual content strategy.

Why Visual Branding is a Smart Investment for Local Banks

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