Top Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs Visual Marketing

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Aren’t pharmacy startups simply popping up every nowadays? Well, this only shows that entrepreneurship and pharmaceuticals are a good match. Just last year, five pharmacy startups were ranked top by online publications. These include: OpenBiome, Evelo Therapeutics, twoXAR, Boston Pharmaceuticals, and PillPack.

If you want your pharmacy startup to touch the skies as well then you need to consider visual marketing. While your brand identity, products and services play a huge role in your success, marketing visually gets your business across to a mass audience with less resistance.

Here are some convincing reasons why you should visually market your pharmacy startup:

Time Is Running Out

To be honest with you, people have no time to waste. Time is sweeping away, and life is becoming increasingly challenging. You need to realize this because more than half of the world has shifted from desktops to searching for everything on their portable devices. Thus, no one will sit and read a long article with just words or receive your phone calls without any presentation. You need to use the help of visuals for both B2B and B2C marketing.

Visuals Are Attractive

Only 10% credit is given to written content and the remaining, which is in fact a lot, goes to visuals. Since childhood, people have been trained to memorize things using images, drawings and photographs. Even now, it is fairly easier to recall logo designs more than probably people’s names. This is why, as a pharmacy startup owner you should work towards making your marketing plan as visual and interactive as possible.

Colors Give Meaning

According to Adobe’s blog, visuals with colors are 80% times more effective than ones that are in black and white or grayscale. This is because, each hue represents a certain feeling and emotion. For example blue is a color that suggests tranquility, as well as safety. On the other hand, yellow passes on energy and the idea of good health. This is why you should choose your brand color scheme carefully, and make sure that you include colors in your marketing as well.

Visuals Boost Understanding

It is concluded by researchers that an individual’s rate of understanding content without visuals is 70%, and with visual elements a person can comprehend messages 25% more. Hence, you’ve got all the more reason to market your pharmacy startup using techniques of visual communication.

Everyone’s Online

Whether it’s a developed country, a developing one or even a remote island – everyone is connected to the internet by different means. These include android phones, iPad, portable computers, and smart watches etc. This is why you need to be on the same platforms as people, in order to connect with your existing and potential customers and stakeholders.

Now that you know why you need visual marketing, it’s time to see how you can actually do it.

I’ve compiled the following slides about affordable visual marketing techniques that pharmacy startups can adopt. Do you find them useful?

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