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Innovative Visuals that Create Brand Personality in the Banking Sector

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Ever noticed how, when you think of a restaurant, the brand’s identity pops into your head? Or sometimes, it is an advertisement that instantly connects you to the big brand message. This is how brands create a persona in the minds of their customers to be remembered. Brand personality is basically the brand image that you build according to your target audience.

In recent times, the banking sector has used the psychographics approach to connect with their audience because it is easy for customers to bond with those sharing similar traits as them and are easily relatable. Hence, your product and services need to have a human touch that will make association easy for your audience. Since banking services are all about people, banks have shifted their focus to people centric branding. You look forward to a bank for your secure future, better life, stepping into a luxurious life, family care, and protection – right? These are the core ideas banks have been using to make the audience their closest companion.

However, it is time to make your homogenous approach a distinct one. You can continue playing with the commonly used trend-spotting and customer insight research techniques, but try to get your message across through visuals as well. Yes! Visual marketing is trending and many financial companies are already actively using visuals to market their products and services.

Now, it is time for banks to adapt to visual techniques too, and explain brand ideas with infographics, images, presentations, videos, and widgets. This will not only make your message more comprehensible but it will help you get noticed as well. People remember 80% of what they see, however only 20% of what they read and just 10% of what they hear. You need to be wise enough to choose the right medium to communicate, and to connect with your customers.

This infographic will help you create a distinct personality for your brand through visuals:

Innovative Visuals that Create Brand Personality in the Banking Sector

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