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We are always educating our designers about submission standards to ensure a hassle free design process. In today’s post we are reaching out to our web designers to share some important submission guidelines.

Web Design Submission Checklist – Web Designing 101

When submitting web design drafts to Logo Design Guru, web designers must be sure that their design drafts are up to standards. Please make sure that you follow all of the following criteria:

1. Web Template Draft Size

Your design template should be 1001px in 72 DPI, PNG format. Do not stick to the traditional 800 x 600 pixels as it is outdated.

With various screen options available today, web templates should be flexible enough to adjust to all sizes. Customers can sometimes also demand for liquid or fluid templates that are meant to consume all 100% of screen width. You may send in liquid drafts only when it has been specially requested by the client.

2. Correct Color Standard

Nearly all monitors are RGB calibrated, which is why your web template should also be in RGB mode. Web designers can also manipulate CMYK, HSB, LAB and hexadecimal values to get the right RGB colors. You can search online for color values to find the perfect shades for your web template design.

3. Web Template Optimum for HTML

Web template should always be optimum for both Table & Table, less html methodology. Odd designs or design elements may look good as a template, but optimization on several different browsers does not often look right.

4. Prefer Using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is not good for logo designing. However, it is exclusively recommended for web template designs. At Logo Design Guru we accept layer based web designs in PSD format, with each layer having specific folders and names.

This allows the customer to easily review the template and analyze details of various layers. We highly recommend using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or higher.

5. Avoid Clipart and 3rd Party Stock Images

Do not use clipart. Images from a 3rd party source can be used only if the source website has deemed images as royalty free. An alternative option is to use images from a 3rd party that has a watermarked logo. You can then supply image ID along with the final source files so the client can buy those images.

6. Don’t Use Watermarks On Web Design Draft

Do not add watermarks on web design drafts as it hampers visibility.

Before submitting a web design to any project make sure you have fulfilled all the requirement given above. In case of any query regarding submission guidelines, feel free to contact us.

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