Web Design Trend Predictions to Survive 2016

From the Paleolithic cave drawings and studies on socialization, humans have come a long way developing efficient technological and design tools to communicate effectively. Web design stands as a medium to connect your brand with people all over the world. Thus, as a designer and entrepreneur you should cherish this discovery — web design advancements plus trends.

The cost of making a “good” design for a website falls between $500 and $5000, and sometimes more is charged for excellence. It is now evident that design is a major aspect of the overall cost and time of website production.

This said, web design nowadays is not only about how eye-catching a website is. Designers need to focus on web development as well, i.e. whether they need to create a mobile design or a responsive design. Points to note:

  • As of 2015, 80% of the users of internet have a smartphone
  • Most popular devices are laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • 85% people check your website before doing business with you
  • 46% users are less likely to buy things from you if your design is bad

Hence, a website should be good-looking and functional at the same time. For this, you can either use pre-available website templates provided by agencies, or you can make a website on your own using design, HTML and CSS software.

Remember that internet users these days are not patient —they make decisions within seconds. Users want results instantly, and this is why search engines like Google work highly efficiently. For this, your website design and development should adhere to certain tactics that will rank you above others.

Make sure that users visit your website and stick to it. How will this happen? With an awesome, trendy and workable design.

Predicting Design Trends

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

– Orson Welles

Till now we have come across several iconic and unique website designs, and more are yet to come. If you want to make your website prominent, in 2016, among the millions available over the net, then incorporate some of these design trends we have listed in this infographic.

This infographic is equipped with essential design trends, and random facts about internet usage, web design, and more. We have also included examples of websites for you to better understand the trends, and how you can make creative designs.

The keys to success in website design in 2016 are many, but the most basic is “uniqueness”. Make sure that when you are aiming to be different, don’t differ in an ugly manner. Your originality should be aesthetically and functionally strong in your webdesign.

Check out the infographic to reveal web design trends predicted for 2016.

Web Design Trend Predictions to Survive 2016

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Blog Update


What will happen in the near future? Responsive web design has become a necessity rather than a trend, let’s wait and watch what happens to other website design trends. Fingers crossed! Web designers are using numerous ways to engage users and retain them.

If you’re designing a website, explore these design trends. These days, the focus is on ‘storytelling’ – and how visuals can deliver a brand story that strongly connects with its customers. See if you can use any of the following techniques to uplift your web presence and enhance your brand image.

Got more trends at hand? Share with us.

Here is a treat for our Chinese audience.

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A philanthropist by nature, Shyrose Vastani is professionally working as a digital media marketer and visual design blogger. She is a visual media enthusiast with keen interests in research, business trends and graphic design. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about visual media and its impact on consumer behavior and people in general.

10 thoughts on “Web Design Trend Predictions to Survive 2016

  1. Nice work, please note, I think the percentage wheel for the ‘retro is back’ has a wrong caption in english.

  2. Thanks for those comments Go Gulf Web Design Company, Jeff Benson and Christophe Huget. We are glad you find it useful for reference. The percentage wheel in each section represents a random fact but you’ve spotted it well Christophe, its a repetition from a previous section.

  3. The infographic gives pretty good information regarding the website designing trends. it highlights the importance of mobile responsive websites as most people are now using the mobiles to browse internet.

  4. That’s a great infographic highlighting the web design trends.
    Some of the ideal website design trends are:

    1. Responsive Design
    2. Use of Chatbots
    3. Animations and After Effects
    4. Short Videos
    5. Unique and trendy Fonts

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