Webinar - Logo Design

Webinar – Logo Design: Behind The Scene

This time around the webinar discussed some of the basics of logo design – an idea that appears simple once completed but requires several crucial steps in the making.

Logo Design – Behind The Scene

The webinar conducted on 14th March 2017 delves into the much-needed basics of the logo design process. As it turns out, all designers are aware of the design brief and process that follows but they unintentionally miss out some of the steps. This session is more like a refresher exercise to walk you through the understanding of client brief, some action tips for research, logo sketching and concept design followed by a streamlined process of production and delivery.

Of course the final product takes time and this should be understood by both parties. The designer is expected to do some background research even if the client has provided some of it, and then comes the stage where keywords are derived from the information provided in the client brief. The one hour webinar session aimed to highlight the importance of design brief and the stages that follow until the finalization of logo design.

It was hosted by Wajeh Kazmi, Head of Design & Quality Control, who is a huge fan of creativity and loves it when he comes across innovative designs produced by our design community. You will see him critique some logo designs during this session.

Learn the basics of logo design process here:

The Purpose Of Webinars At GuruCorp

At GuruCorp, we are shedding light on some more pressing topics for designers and clients alike. Currently the webinar sessions would address the genuine queries faced by the designers who work with us. The idea is to get to the heart of the clients and designers who come together at our crowdsourcing platforms and face challenges in the execution of the smooth design procedure.

In our upcoming webinars, both clients and designers can join and pose questions relevant to the topic under discussion. Our webinars are committed to solving design hitches across a wide range of topics. So far, we have discussed copyrights infringement – a design crime that even the most talented of designers are guilty of. Moving on, we took you on the journey to experience the making of logo design in our latest live session.

Tell us about the topics you would like us to discuss. Share your thoughts in the comments section or reach us through social media to share your queries and feedback. Be a part of our upcoming webinars to get active solutions.

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