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What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

Feature Image Vector Source: Freepik

The cool thing about letter marks and symbols is that they can mean anything to anyone. For some, the Pepsi symbol is a smiley face, while others see a guy with a huge belly. There are endless possibilities to connote a visual; it only depends on your eye.

Do you remember the time we went crazy over optical illusions and negative space? Ahem, we still are. At least I am constantly trying to askew my eyes to see what more can I find in a logo design. I continually read articles on ‘the hidden meanings in logo designs’. What to do, they’re fun. I’m sure you like them too.

Love At First Sight

So just like a usual day, I was exploring stuff on the internet when I saw the new Netflix logo. You know what came to my mind in the first second. Ribbon!

new Netflix icon
Image source: Netflix

A ribbon that you can find on several vector websites, such as Freepik. A ribbon, which adorns a father’s day gift or one that’s used for social media images as a banner.

Second Thoughts

When I looked longer, I wondered what’s special about this logo design. To be honest, any amateur graphic designer can make a replica in under 5 minutes. Seriously Netflix?

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Before anyone says anything, I tried it out. I’m not awesome at Adobe Illustrator but I gave it a go.

new Netflix logo

I spent only 2 to 3 minutes. I know, I can work more on the shadow, but there are just 4 steps:

  • Make the rectangles with a bent edge on top
  • Compose them to look like the letter “N”
  • Adjust the colors. The shapes at the back are darker.
  • Add shadow using a shape in black with a Gaussian Blur.

What Else There’s To See

Okay so, I was thinking what I could talk about on the new logo of Netflix app. And I placed the logo in the design software and simply stared at it. Then, all of a sudden all this came to my mind…

And I translated it visually.

Double, double toil and trouble!

new Netflix logo hidden meaning 1

I scream, you scream, we all scream ICECREAM!

new Netflix logo hidden meaning 2

Haya! You’re finished.

new Netflix logo hidden meaning 3

Do you have more ideas? Share with me. I’d love to look at them.

Write Update 6 Feb 2019

Did you hear? Netflix rendered a new logo animation and it is not up to the mark. It is, well, like the logo it designed earlier: pretty mediocre but yes, much more colorful. Brands are investing in “moving logos” now, but production house logos always had to be animated logo designs as they were on screen before the movie started.

The new Netflix logo animation will be seen before the Netflix Originals. The concept behind this is the new identity this streaming service brand wants: to be a production studio. The letter “N” disintegrates into a vertical spectrum of colors.

Let’s explore what people have said about their new look.

What is your verdict on the new Netflix logo animation?

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9 thoughts on “What I think When I See The New Netflix Logo

  1. Hi Aamina. Such a fun blog – love the images. I personally think that despite the design being really simple and easy to recreate in a few minutes, it’ll be instantly recognisable and will work well at all sizes – meaning it’ll be successful. I was surprised to see this rolled out quite late, but this works much better at super tiny sizes, which is where the current logo design fails.

    1. Hi IAN! Thank you for the comment. To be honest, many minimal logos that designers are creating these days are easy to copy. Did you see the new MasterCard logo? It is also very simple. This said, I guess we will have to wait and see what this app logo does for Netflix.

  2. Ill add some thing to it that either the logo is easy to copy or not, it is the intellectual property of the owner or the designer so there should be no copying in any ways, however doing some fun stuff isn’t harmful. Thanks for such fun.

    1. Hi! Actually, I am not a professional designer but I have studied design both in school and university, plus did a few internships in the field. At times, I like having some fun and this is one instance.

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