What Matters the Most in Typography?

Image Source: Cecilie_Arcurs/iStock.com

Typography is an important part of any logo or web design. Cool graphics and images aside, the text is what harbors the real information. If viewers don’t like what they see, or read, they’ll go elsewhere. This is why good topography design is very important for any design project. Graphic designers should keep the following points in mind; they are very important when dealing with typography.

1. Text Alignment – This will vary from project to project and depends largely on client specifications. Many designers often select ‘justified’ as the primary setting, which is generally not a good idea – especially for web design. The reason is, this setting spaces out words awkwardly which creates an unbalanced line, making the content unappealing.  Remember, this applies mainly to large content areas such as paragraphs. When using the ‘justified’ setting in headings, they are perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Font Alignment
2. Font Size – When design a website, it must be planned out to cater to all kinds of viewers.  People with both good and bad vision will view your site. Thus, font size plays an important role. If viewers can’t read the site, they will move on to the next. The templates should scale easily as the font size increases. Consider this in your design calculations.

Font Size
3. Font Style – Size and style go hand in hand when creating a strong typographical layout. Designers tend to lose focus of this and use too many styles in the overall design. That almost always backfires because it adds confusion to your design. If you stick to the rules of choosing fonts, it’ll really help you. Generally you should stick with no more than three font faces, preferably two working together with each other. Two font styles are known to work well.

Text Style
4. White Space – Designers are well aware of this term. It’s the empty space between text and its adjacent image, heading, graph, etc. The white space has to be utilized appropriately. Not enough of it makes designs look cluttered and vice versa. Use trial and error until you get it right.

White Space
5. Typographical Order – This is a big one. A solid typographical hierarchy will ensure smooth content navigation on the current page. Viewers will have a positive user experience and be able to gather the information they are looking for quicker and efficiently. The better the experience, the more likely users are to come back again. Use a good typographical order in your designs, it will be appreciated.

Typographical Order

It goes without saying that typography can make or break a design. When it’s used correctly, it can make a simple design stand out from the crowd. Don’t and it can make a sophisticated design look ugly and unprofessional. Graphic design is not just about colors, images and cool layouts typography is an additional key and will continue to play a large role in designing.

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