What Type Of Designer Are You?

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Designers might not easily share their inspirations but they tend to share some attributes. Sometimes, they get similar habits despite being associated with a very different creative profession. However it’s interesting to note that some of those characteristics are actually nurtured as a result of their work nature and they proudly call it an occupational hazard. For instance, a designer will give a brutally honest opinion about your design sense but that’s just the beginning, you can spot a graphic designer with 25 ways. That’s how the non-designers can identify you, but what design tribe do you think you belong to? Are you a by-the-way designer or a brand expert? Did you inherit design skills or learnt them from a mentor? Let us walk you through the list to give an idea which group you belong to.

1. The Retro Rebel

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I mean why not? After all, design agencies have never been able to get over the 70s art forms. And let’s not forget the clients who might not be able to name it correctly but will describe it pretty well.

2. The Minimalist Maverick

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According to a Minimalist Maverick, when it’s disobeying the rules of minimalism, it cannot be classified as a real design.

3. The Ultra Detailed

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A different or rather outrageous approach towards visual communication but is appreciated among the masses nonetheless.

4. The Color Coder

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Rarely are designers known for their color sense and you belong to that breed. It’s both a blessing and a torment in disguise because then everyone keeps coming back to inquire about the right palette from you.

5. The Geometric Genius

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You can see disfigurations and deformations that nobody else can see. You like everything organized and following a pattern and don’t really care much about time. It’s a perfectionist’s attitude who’s bothered by everything around them.

6. The Hipster Hero

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You are visual sellers who know exactly what the client wants. Staying updated with the trends enables you to pull out any design with ease.

7. The Icon Master

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To all the icon masters, the world will thank you for endless efforts and problem solving attitude. Icons will rule the design world. The future is yours!

8. The Typography Smitten

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To all the kings and queens of the type world, you should hang out at the type conference more often to meet your match.

9. The Pantone Guru

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The world is like a fairytale around you and you are the storyteller narrating your story in colors. You get easily bored to people’s lack of interest in color selection. Contrarily you are peculiar about subtle differences in apparently similar looking colors.

10. The Gradient God

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Don’t worry my friends, we are all about to enter into a time when gradients will invade the design industry and you will no longer remain the unsung heroes.

You can be one or more of these types of designers depending on your nature of work and personal obsession. You will see a lot of stereotypes in this post but don’t take it too seriously. The idea was just to get you to know yourself better. Besides the headhunters looking for creative designers these days want to know more than just the required skills. Mostly designers are creative in their own ways, spatially inclined thinkers with a great eye. So what type of designer are you?

Mehreen is a social media buff and design blogger, who keeps a keen eye on graphic design trends. She has a passion for experimenting with design ideas, and wouldn’t mind if it means going out of her way to find them in Timbuktu. Follow her on twitter for daily inspirations and findings.

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