Where is your phone book?

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I’m not exactly sure where mine is, but I’m sure it’s hiding somewhere.  Every time I receive a new phone book on my doorstep, I have a tough time deciding whether to keep it or throw it in the trash.  Most people I know throw it away.

Essentially, businesses listed in the yellow pages of the phone book are either hiding under my couch or waiting for the garbage truck to take them away.

When I’m looking for a specific service, instead of finding my phone book I head straight to Google.  The Internet has made searching for a local car wash or dry cleaner SO simple.  It seems like everyone else is right there with me, 79% of Americans online use the Internet to find a local business.*

Which leads me to my point, is your business online?

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In the past year, the amount of small business’ with their own websites have increased by 46%.  However, there’s still a long way to go.

Before coming to LogoDesignGuru, I worked with a variety of small businesses to help establish their online presence.

One of my clients didn’t really know where to start, but they knew they wanted to make the transition from the Coupon Clipper to online.  This owner previously established a Facebook page, which was a great start.  But when searching for their company online, all you saw was an arrow on Google Maps.  They had no other online presence.

One piece of advice I shared with my clients is:  Social Media is a great way to interact with your clients but it should never be used as your business’ main website.

Don’t get me wrong I’m well aware that social media is the future of the Internet and I’m a true believer in it.  But you have to be careful — as the rise and fall of AOL demonstrated, you cannot control the future of someone else’s domain.  You need to create your own.

In the end I was able to help my client establish their own, personalized website – for less than $900.  With their brand new website they are able to highlight each of their employees, show what services they offer, schedule appointments online and share their special promotions!

Their website is still in existence and is rising to the top of Google searches for their industry in their local area.  They now are able to share new products and sales with their customers and they couldn’t be more thrilled.

Between the always changing Internet and lack of phone books, a professional and custom website should be the next step in your business’ plan.  Get out of the dumpster and get online!

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