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Just a few years back, the websites looked like copycats and most of them failed at both aesthetics and functionality. When the designers and developers did their work well with HTML editors and website templates, then what went wrong? For one, the web grew at a speed no one had imagined and secondly there was too much work for the pros of the field. However today is a different story altogether. More open source web templates and design themes are at your disposal. In most cases they get more engagement than custom designed websites. Plus, you don’t need to know the jargons of CSS or PHP nor do you have to learn any programming language to setup your own website.

Unfortunately, there is much ado about website templates. They are considered economical but at the same time touted as a compromise to a quality design. Let’s first find out what they are good for.


If you are not planning on erecting a website solely from templates, then you can take inspirations for colors, layouts, grids and other features. Obviously, you can’t ask a designer to copy a template, but you can use it to communicate the idea of the look you would like.

Time Saving

Development takes the most of your time and web owner must be really patient if he is getting a custom web design. Contrarily, website template would take a shorter development time for your website.

More Economical

When you start a website from scratch, it is always going to have a heavy cost, whereas web templates are easy to operate and require less investment. In most cases, budget holds back businesses from getting up on the internet. Using a website template will facilitate their endeavor.

Here is a slide deck that focuses on web templates that get noticed due to their design, functionality and user-friendliness.

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  1. Thanks for the post Mehreen,
    This is very useful, its true that you can save a lot of time if we use templated designs but what matters most are the needs of the costumer or the design that fits with their business. Because sometimes businesses requires a website from scratch to fit in their type of business unless if they find a templates that really give them what they want.

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